Living the Christian life in God’s way

Life Changing Words

Christian life: Living the life that God wants us to live.

Are there specific guidelines that make up a Christian lifestyle? Every “lifestyle” list would be different from theologian to theologian. Drinking, cinema, music, dance, politics, fashion, education……. Don’t imitate the character and customs of this world, however, let The Holy Spirit transform you into a new being by changing your way of thinking. Then you know what God wants from you…” (Romans 12vs2). For 1 year A.J. Jacobs tried to follow more than 700 rules and prohibitions of the Bible. At the end of a year, he confessed “I started the year as an agnostic, and now I am an awesome agnostic. A Christian lifestyle should never become a list of rules. We need to divert our attention from mandates and focus on people. To put it another way “What did Jesus do?”

Simple Christian Lifestyle – Rules

  • Communicate constantly with God (Matthew 11vs25-26; Mark 6vs46; 14vs32).
  • Recognized the meaning of the Holy Spirit (John 14vs16-17, 26)
  • Obey the will of His heavenly Father (Luke 22vs42; John 6vs38-39)
  • Resisting the temptation of the steadfastness of the Word of God (Luke 4vs1-13)
  • Reach those considered hopeless and sinful (Mark 2vs15-16; Luke 19vs5-9).
  • He served others and humbled himself before his heavenly Father (John 13vs3-5, 12-15).
  • Endurance in faith and love (John 4vs34, John 9vs4; John 17vs23)

Here are five possibilities for living the life that God desires

Hearing God’s voice via scripture

Jesus is the bread of life, hear God’s voice through scriptures.

1. Commit to a local Bible teaching church.

Few habits are safer for predicting long-term spiritual health than your voluntary, enthusiastic, and serious participation in God’s local church. Why profess the Church? Because the Church is the bride of Christ, and if you love her, you will love her. I know it is anything but perfect, but despite its imperfections, the Church is God’s means to change the world. Your local church is an outpost of heaven – a message from the kingdom – in a world that distracts from love, grace, compassion, and truth. Do you know how God defines “successful life”? are you letting God take his place in your life? God changes people from within. It all begins with a change of heart that leads to a personal transformation that makes healthy relationships possible.

Christian life-Living God life

2. Change of heart

Finding new life in Christ while secular psychology offers many techniques for self-improvement, none produce the transformation that God desires. A true change of heart is only possible through a new spiritual birth – a new creation in Christ – that produces lasting change.

3. Admit the sin

Many “experts” claim that misbehavior is not really the fault of the one who does it. The Bible says that all problems (family, finances, career, relationships) are due to one source: the sin that dominates life. Change of heart means taking responsibility for one’s actions, not accusing others.

4. Offer genuine remorse

Genuine repentance is a process that involves five aspects that combine to form true spiritual change. Five sentences illustrate this process:

“God, I’m wrong.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Forgive me.”

“Cleanse me.”

“Empower me.”

5. Personal Transformation

Walking in the Spirit is the only way believers can live the Christian life is to give themselves to the Holy Spirit and trust Him to empower us in every situation.  Through faith, we can draw on God’s supernatural resources to live a holy and fruitful life.

6. Biblical Thought

Faith causes behavior.  If our decisions are based on biblical truth, the resulting decisions lead to a spiritually healthy and productive life that pleases God.

7. Be obedient

Too often our feelings or emotions can overturn the truth of a situation and cause us to make bad decisions.


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