Condolence Messages

Condolence Messages – Condolences understand a fellow feeling that caused due to misfortune, or sometimes deep mental anguish. Also, sympathy refers to expressing your opinion or sending an acknowledgment to your friend or family or staff members. Does the word “Condolence only used in a sorrowful situation?”. There are certain ways where you can use the word “sympathy” instead of “Condolences” Out of several such the only words used in all situations is “Sorry” – Yes, you got right! It is the most used word in all sorrows. Sometimes the word “Condolences” will turn out to be sarcastic (Overstating or showing over action) from a person who uses it more than to what reality is.

Situations where the word “Condolence” word can be used:

Condolences – It is a very painful situation where one feels hard to speak out so, the best way to express your sympathies to your friends or family or others is through a written condolence message. This, way you can express whatever you feel inside.

  • When you are making a charity to someone or an organization.
  • When you are helping your family or friends family when they need help.

There are some other ways where we can use condolence words for different situations. Nevertheless, in this article, we would like to write few lines of content on how to send condolence messages to the lost, how to send condolence email to your boss and a lot of stuff that relates to condolence.


Are you looking to send real condolence messages to your friends and relatives? Then, you must get a pen and write down the feeling you wish to convey or send condolence messages. Otherwise, if you are not ready with condolence messages then, we have handcrafted few words of sympathy which you can use them as a condolence message.

The reason behind people search and send condolence messages on the internet page is because they are frightened that something would go wrong which they never wished to write on the paper or say word of mouth.  So, if you are uncertain about what to write on condolence for someone you care a lot then, we are very sure that, the below list of simple condolence message will inevitably create a sympathy of you for your friends or family members lost one.

Sample Condolence Letter For a Teacher

Sample letter of sympathy for a teacher – There are lots of ways to get over bereavement situations. If you a student and if the teacher you just lost is one of your favorites then, you wish to send a condolence message to teachers family members as your sympathy and support for the big lost.

Below is the list of sympathy messages for loss of teacher which you can use on paper or post on social media sites like Facebook, and WhatsApp status condolence message for a teacher or condolence messages samples.

  • Deeply in sadness and very sorry for your biggest loss.
  • We are family and my condolences for the lost mother.
  • We are somber to hear that you have lost your biggest asset. My sincere sympathy.
  • First in peace for the soul, and I wish that my prayer would ease and bring your more comfort and also alleviate the pain of biggest loss.
  • It was morose to hear the bitter truth that our dearest teacher is no know for us, and I sincerely express my condolences and sympathy for your and your family members.
  • I wish Almighty give your loss one highest of the heaven and my deepest condolences to your family members.
  • Our deepest condolence for your loss and I hope Almighty to bestow peace upon you and your family to the fullest.
  • My heartfelt condolences for your greatest loss and I hope Almighty give you peace and comfort to your family.
  • My deepest sympathies to your family members and please forgive me as I’m not reachable in your difficult time.

Condolence Messages for a Friend

How to do you write a good condolence message? What are some good sympathy messages to write for the loss of a particular person in your life? What is a polite response to condolences? How do you reply to a condolence message?

Always, take care of a dear person whom you love to spend your quality time. To be frank enough, if you like to send condolence note message then while writing sympathy messages, we suggest you be simple in drafting a condolence message to your friend based on your bond with him/her. Write a good condolence message depending on the nature of loss. The immediate thing you have to do is never to let the family member of your friends feel alone so, follow up with the family member for some time.

If any of our known people lost, it feels such pain and heartache. We have to listen, and for some time you have to offer some condolence words to give them hope that you are always there for any support. There is no medicine which can heal a person’s pain to the fullest but, showing your concerned care does a lot to them.

If you are looking for a good condolence note to send to your sympathy to a friend or to close relatives who have just lost someone, then, you should never write a condolence letter or if you decided to send condolence messages then, make sure you never share information which would make them more upset.

Below we have written heartfelt famous condolence sayings or best sympathy quotes for a person who has just lost someone genuinely.

  • Word of condolence is very inadequate to express how much pain and sadness we all feel about your loss.
  • Our deep condolence to you and heart goes out to you in your time of misery and mourning.
  • Deeply in prayer to God that your soul rests in peace.
  • We are obliged that you stayed with us for some time, thought us to be healthy enough to face the world and now you have left us naively, our deepest condolence.
  • May you feel more confident, and wish your heart lighten by the love that vibes you.

Condolence Message for loss of a Father

To any person losing their father means losing themselves. It’s not easy to accept the loss of a father and to face the world in his absence. A Father is someone who reminds you that he is around you to protect you. A Father is someone who fulfills all your need. A Father is someone who gives his whole life just to see you happy. There are many definitions of a father, and the best one will come only from the person who lost him. His worth is only known in his absence.

It’s difficult for someone who lost his/her father. It’s hard to face the world, where every corner might remind of their father. Whenever they look a father loving or scolding their kid may bring tears to them as they don’t have the one.

Time will heal the pain, but nothing can stop them thinking of their father. Every father is best in their way. No matter how strict he sounds, he still has soft corner deep inside for their kids. His presence brings happiness and safety.

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The pain that one is going through when someone loses their father cannot be described in words. But, sending Condolence Message for loss of a Father will bring little strength and satisfaction to them.