Deep love text messages

Love text messages

Deep  love text messages

Whats More Romantic than true feelings of love. This composition goes in details analyzing the depth of love. The person on the receiving side of this message will have a hard time coming up with something better. This post is precise but captures the heart in details.



The distance between us cannot be compared to the depth of deep feelings I have for you.


You may be far from me but you are always around me just like my shadow.


Your loving tastes better than honey, shines brighter than the sun and closer than a brother. You are my one in a million. You bring joy into my life.


Like the door on hinges, I want to be the on you lean on.


I’m jealous of your mobile phone because it stays closer to you everyday.


I wish I could copy and paste your presence into my everyday life I would never worry about texting you.


Wherever I am don’t mean a thing what matters is that I am always yours.


Without you I am just a question and you are the answer. You love is my solution.

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