Engagement Wishes

Engagement Wishes – Share happiness with all your friends and family members; Because, in a life, there exist some uncertainties where we don’t how to move or take right step; contrary to this, engagement is one such significant portion for both Girl and Boy; so, one must choose perfect partner to live rest of the life so happily.

Send Congratulations Engagement Wishes to your beloved one, who is going to marry soon, and your engagement messages and presence means a lot to them. Of course, he/she likes to celebrate happiness in the presence of you and all the family members.

Although, for a Girl, marriage is the first and last choice she ever takes to live long her life happily with her partner but, the decision she makes will decide what she gets her in life.

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A lucky wife, who understands her partner in every this and that will continue a long relationship with her partner without any conflicts, to be simple, a woman always except “better understanding husband.”

Life is all about moments, memories (Good and Bad) to keep with you and cope with the problems you take over so, always carry a smile on your face.

This is about what Life after Marriage is….!

If your close friends are going to have his/her engagement soon? Do you wish to send him/her engagement wishes or engagement messages saying to live life happily always? Then, here, you can find lots of engagement congratulations wishes to friends and family members.

Now, let’s start a discussion on what to write in an Engagement Card? Are there any engagement congratulations messages or engagement card messages for a best friend and family members?

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Sending Engagement Quotes and Wishes is the best way to convey how much happy, grateful about the person.

Lots of time people receive engagement party invitations from their co-employee but, few people send them engagement wishes quotes and few look for best engagement wishes so, here we have collections of best engagement greetings for you all.

Engagement Wishes for Friends      

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages Engagement Wishes

Friend or Best Friend – These lists of engagement messages will impress them and increase more love and respect for you.

  • The best message to the newly engaged couple, and I wish you a very prosperous life ahead.
  • You stood by me in all my good and bad situations, and now you are going to get marry soon, stay happy and keep always smiling with your partner.
  • After a prolonged relationship, now you have taken one of the best decisions that are “marriage,” and I feel so much happy that you both are looking such a cute and perfect couple. After many such misunderstanding, you both managed to be together lifelong this proves how much you love and regard each other. Congratulations on the engagement.
  • In this modern era, the breakup is the fastest move one likes to go with, even though after many such happenings, finally you both stood for each other’s love and we are so much grateful too.
  • As far as I know about you both, I have seen all the obstacles you were facing to convince elders about your proposals and finally, you both proved you are a real lover. Congratulations on your engagement.

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Engagement Wishes for Sister

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages5 Engagement Wishes

  • Hearty congratulations and best wishes for your engagement, and we are so excited to have your presence for the last bachelor party.
  • Take care of my dear sister; we love her a lot, and we hope you will continue the same. Hearty congratulations on the engagement.
  • Once, we have seen how much care you are taking to see the happiness on my sister’s face and finally, she is superb lucky to tie a knot with you. Congratulations!
  • To be frank, I have seen lots of couples who love each other and end up with Break-up but, for the first time in my career I have seen you both and it was awe-inspiring. Congratulations and wish you all the best for the rest of life.
  • Congratulations to each other for making this engagement ceremony a memorable one for all of us, we wish you a very wonderful journey ahead.

Engagement Wishes for Brother

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages1 Engagement Wishes

  • Congratulations on the engagement and best wishes to both of you and eagerly waiting for the wedding bell.
  • Finally, congratulations for both of you settling down all the things to tie a knot and live long life happily.
  • Hearty congratulations to upcoming future groom and bride, wish you live longer with your wife with loads of love and joy.
  • Best wishes for finding each other and I know you both have been dreaming for this day to come, and you both look gorgeous, all the best for the rest of the life.
  • Congratulations on the effective engagement, wish you both live lovely and joyful life with each other.

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Engagement Wishes for Cousins

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages4 Engagement Wishes

  • I hope God give you all the guidance you need for the rest of your life, and once again congratulations for tying the knot.
  • My life is very routine and same, I have been contended to be like this for the entire life but, when I see you both of them at once, I wish I would like to marry soon and enjoy my rest of the life so happily with my partner.

Proposal Message To A Girl From a Guy

  • You understood all my feelings and made me happy to face problems I have, now I have decided to give you same for the rest of my life, will you marry me? Can I become your better half?
  • Before you come into my life, my days were so bad, people about me very less, I always have a desire to reach my goals but due to afraid I couldn’t do it at all; now, all those anxiousness disappeared with your presence, and I feel so strong, and my will power to do something has no stopping. My only request to you is – Will you marry me?
  • I want to spend my rest of the life as alone, but now I have found the perfect partner to live life so happily. You are my precious gift, will you marry me?

Engagement Wishes for Wife

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages6 Engagement Wishes

Engagement Anniversary WishesJust for one day, put off all the works you are doing, make a plan take your wife to the best places around you where you and your wife feels good to be there, and now wish her wedding anniversary with a rose flower.

Congratulations engagement anniversary wishes for a wife is the sweetest memory for the bridegroom who starts enjoying before the marriage by sending engagement wishes messages through mobile, social networking sites. However, celebrating engagement anniversary to the wife is the best way to express your love for her; also means still you are in love with her.

She will surely think that, you are the best ever gift she received in terms of husband, and also she thinks about your problems being in life, you have taken separate time for her.

List of engagement anniversary messages which you can send to your dearest wife.

  • Despite all the tribulations we are facing in our life, you have opened my eyes to witness happiness. Happy Anniversary Day Beauty.
  • I’m celebrating this 1st wedding anniversary say grandly because; you have made and making our lives so happy every single day. Happy Wedding Anniversary dear.
  • This isn’t perfect presentation for your effort making our life so meaningful but, for the remembrance, I have a gift for you. Happy Wedding Anniversary.
  • Several times I may have scolded you for no reasons, and this is to tell that I have million such reasons to love for you.
  • I’m dedicating this whole life to you for your continuous support and efforts making me carry all the problems with a simple smile. Happy Wedding Anniversary Dear.
  • I love you so much, today is the most memorable part of our marriage journey. Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Engagement Wishes for Parents

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages3 Engagement Wishes

As a son or daughter to wonderful parents, the best gifts you can present to your parents remembers their wedding anniversary day. Celebrating wedding anniversary of parents will add more freshness to their relationship.

Here, you can find the best wedding anniversary ideas for parents which you can send via mobile SMS or can share on their social media profiles.

  • Mom and Dad, I’m blessed to have you and your love for me never ends. Happy Wedding Anniversary Parents.
  • You both stood by me in all my circumstances I have ever come through, thank you so much for the love and respect you extended to me.

Engagement Wishes for Brother In Law

engagement-wishes-congratulatory-messages2 Engagement Wishes

Engagement celebration for brother-in-law is the best time for all family members to gather and share happiness each other. A sibling plays a very significant role where they stand by you for every this and that situation.

  • Wish you a long success in your life, and hearty congratulations on your wedding engagement day.
  • You are the real inspirations for me and all family members on how to love life so happily despite all the life problems. Happy Engagement Day.
  • You have filed lots of happiness in our lives, and we wish you continue the same with your wife.


Make this day a special moment for your beloved one by sending engagement messages, engagement quotes and engagement SMS.

These are the best collections of engagement wishes to friends, brother, sister, cousins, parents, and fiancé. If you liked these Engagement Wishes, please appreciate us by sharing on your social networking profiles.