Quotes about Revenge and Forgiveness

Revenge and Forgiveness – Holding revenge in our heart is a sign of a weak heart, and with it will come no good at all. Forgiveness can be considered as an alternative to revenge, as it’s sweet in nature and will revive the relationship that we care about so much.

Quotes About Revenge – by showing that you are stronger than ever before and have forgiven their mistakes is a bigger revenge in itself, as they will get inspired by you and learn something useful with the bitterness that was the cause.  Always be noble in your approach towards hatred and show your kindness by forgiving. That’s the image you want to show to the person who likes to hate, you being well is revenge in itself, as you are doing against the will of hatred that was passed on to you. Taking revenge for revenge will make us the same person and give us no other way but to hurt our soul.

Sweet Revenge Quotes – show them your kindness and show them how well you are brought up by forgiving that the sweetest revenge. Showing this side of your emotion will make your soul feel satisfied and secure, which will help you in things that will come ahead in life.

forgiveness-quotes-inspirational-quotes-on-forgiveness Quotes about Revenge and Forgiveness

Success in life will speak for you for those who hated you, that is the best revenge for anything. Revenge quotes and sayings – revenge might feel to be sweeter but forgiveness quotes are sweetest, and we have to consider it as it does only good to it for our future and relationships that we care about so much. Someday we might forget the hurt but what remains will be the hatred so just get over it by forgiving.

Revenge Quotes for Whatsapp – Be smart in your life by taking the right decision at the right time, revenge will make you feel it’s necessary, but it’s not it’s just burst of your emotions which you don’t want to understand as it is the difference of perspective. Intelligent people go a step ahead and ignore not to get absorbed with these emotions as they tend to take their time away, which they cannot afford to lose.

Anger should not be concealed as it hardens the heart and makes way for revenge. Instead, it should be ventilated in directions towards patience and calmness which will bring forgiveness to your mind.  Forgiveness will show you more satisfying results than revenge, just show your side of kindness to the world. It will for sure inspire others to forgive and forget for the mistakes done by our closed ones.


Hope you like the above article on “Quotes about Revenge and Forgiveness” they give quotes on how to overcome your feeling towards revenge by showing forgiveness to others. You may find it satisfying to take revenge, but it will last only for few moments post that it will be filled with guilt, it’s better to take the sweetest revenge of all that is to forgive and move on in life. If you like the above post then please like and leave a comment below.