Funny Good Morning Quotes

Funny Good Morning Quotes – Here, we have a collection of funny morning quotes that will make you laugh out louder, and you are surely going to enjoy laughing with quotes that will relate to you. You can use this quotes to share on different social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or you can even use this quotes as status. It is medically proven that laughing is good for health. It also boosts once mood. So, we have collected all funny quotes related to family, friends, and kids, etc.

All the below quotes will make you laugh or smile and make you share this with your final one to see if they relate to it as you do. We all want to be happy and we all want to be surrounded with someone .who can make us happy, when we feel low. If you can’t find that someone than being that someone who can laugh and make others laugh.

All that day to day activity and that silly mistakes. Makes us laugh. All our childhood memory and all that moment which we spend with our beloved ones make us laugh. You don’t need any reason to laugh.

We are giving you a collection of quotes, which will remind you of that particular person, moment and Make you laugh harder. Be quick to read and share this quotes to get loads of comment. It’s always fun to share that moment with help of quotes.

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30+ Funny Good Morning Quotes For Girlfriend

  • People – you have changed.

    Me – yes, I have updated new software.

  • Today’s kids change Phone like we use to change our diaper.

  • We all have that one friend who laughs out louder at our problem than cry more at their problems.

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  • All the family members has one common disease as hereditary, it’s called insanity.
  • Few people are still unaware of short cuts, who thinks ‘Lol’ as dogs bark.
  • Am I the only person who laughs before understanding the joke and before me saying the joke.
  • In my childhood I was said to beware of dogs, now beware of today’s kids.
  • My teacher pointed her stick towards me and said at the end of the stick is stupid, I was detained to my reply “which end ma’am?”
  • I have a stupid habit of calling till my balance gets low when I don’t have I call “customer care.”

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  • The awkward moment when I talk to myself and realize someone is wondering seeing me if am mad.
  • That epic moment when you call your best friend on her birthday and forget to wish.
  • I don’t have a habit of sharing, and when I share things which I don’t like, my mom wonders ” if any medical miracle .”
  • We all get that mini heart attack when our laptop says “your password is incorrect.”

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  • Raise your hands, who lied your relatives passed away many times specially your grandparents. When your teacher ask the reason for your absence.
  • We all have that one siblings, who eats slowly than you to tease when you finish eating.
  • The most funny and easy way to escape, when your teacher ask you to answer but forgets your name and calls your friends name instead.
  • The moment when your mom. Scolds your elder brother/ sister for the mistake you did.
  • All the creative dance comes from a person who waits outside the bathroom when other is inside.
  • The best idea to irritate someone clicks, example -when people say “I hate when people touch my hair, and you do that wanted till they get pissed.”

  • The person who laughs lastly at the jokes are the person who dint understand anything.
  • The funny moment when you ask your kid in front of your relatives “who is your favorite mommy or daddy “?

Kid – ‘ Neither ‘.

  • When people see me near washroom and ask “hi, what are you doing here?”

Me – “To hunt treasure”.

Top 10 Latest Funny Good Morning Quotes

  • We all have that friend, who says “I forgot my wallet,” while paying a bill.
  • The most embarrassing moment when you ask a waiter to pack your leftover in a restaurant, and he replies “nothing left ma’am.”
  • During my childhood, I use to collect secretly all the cash, which my parents kept as tips in a restaurant.

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  • I’m not good in doing right things well but am a master in doing right thing creatively wrong.
  • Am I the only person who laughs alone at my joke?
  • I have a strange habit of laughing at my friend’s toughest situation.

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  • I love people who laugh harder before throwing the worst joke that includes me.
  • The moment when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry when a girl smiles and says “Thank you, brother.”

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  • It’s always fun to watch when relatives fight with each other.
  • In every relationship, the most magical word for every problem is ‘ please ‘ and however for every husband is ‘ sorry ‘.
  • Describe your wife in one word.

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