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Good Morning Quotes Friends – The word Fun starts and ends with friends. They are the one who makes us laugh with tears in our eyes. We all spend our most of the time with friends. We share our deepest secrets with them.

We all can’t imagine our life without friends. They are our next family who knows all our needs. They know us more than our family.

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We all have different types of friends. Each and every one is special. Friendship is such an emotional bond that never breaks. When it breaks, it breaks us too.

As We all grow up some friends stays and some moves abroad. Certain gets busy and certainly gets close. To all that friends. Share the below quotes via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or messages. Make them realize what they mean to you. Good Morning Quotes For Friends

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  • You can’t have a best friend because “she is already mine” 😉
  • That One friend who laughs so hard at his/her own jokes that he can’t even finish the joke because he/she laughing so hard: D
  • My best friend is: A shoulder to cry on, A secret keeper and an entertainer who can make me laugh.

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  • Talking to an old friend makes you laugh how much life has changed.But not us: D
  • That one friend who can’t keep secrets on his/her tummy: D
  • Bestie goals – We dress well in parties, other days we wear pajamas for 2 weeks straight: D
  • My friend is the one who skip our plan always.
  • I love you. You mean the world to me. We laugh together. We cry together. We fight with each other. But still, I want to spend rest of my life doing all this. But together.
  • Dear bestie, Yes? You are my Google because you have all answer for all my stupid question; D
  • Five problems one solution “my bestie” it’s just she creates five problems and I give her solution: P
  • My friend is a liar. He says “I can even give my life for you, dude” he calls her “life” when I ask him his GF. He stabs me.

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  • Ever looked at your best friend and wonder we both are insane: D
  • Friends buy you food. Best friend steals your food: D
  • Best friend’s stays together when others leave.

  • ear bestie, thank you for giving me. Memories too remember and Inside jokes to laugh .love you.
  • Those weird conversation with your friend, deleting it sooner and thinking if any read will ask us to join mental hospital.

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  • When you are laughing so hard and you try to control but your friend throw up same joke and you laugh again:D
  • We will remain best friend because you idiot know all my secrets .
  • The only word which describe my bestie is “Mine”.
  • I promise I won’t say it to any but it doesn’t count my bestie.
  • You never know what you have lost unless you see your friend wearing it.

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