Happy Birthday Chords Guitar Using [C] Key


Happy Birthday Chords Guitar – Are you going away to celebrate the birthday of beloved one? Then, you might be having planned to play guitar using simple chords right? Then, you would also have well known of scales in chords like C and C7.

Guitar lessons for beginners – Newbie can learn simple “Happy Birthday Song” with more interest and would continue to play more and more songs.

Note: Want to learn how to play guitar then, Wiki How has written an informative guide on how to play birthday song using a guitar.

Play Happy Birthday Chords Guitar – Easy

What if I teach you on playing guitar chords using just three chords (excited?J) then, we here in this blog would like to learn how to play “Happy Birthday Song “using a guitar with the help of three chords only.

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Happy Birthday Chords Guitar for Beginners – If you are a newbie, and want to learn guitar chords then, you must know one thing in common while playing songs.

Story Behind Happy Birthday Song:

Before playing happy birthday guitar chords let me share a few lines of the story behind this amazing happy birthday song.

  • “The Happy Birthday to You” is derived from a famous song called “Good Morning to All” in 18th
  • The Happy Birthday Song is papered and composed by Hill Sisters (Residence of United States).
  • Most of the US citizens had a belief that, the Happy Birthday Song was an imitative report of “Happy Greetings to All” and others.
  • The original Happy Birthday Song was first printed in the 18th century.

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Later on, you knew well how much favorite happy birthday song went on?

Learn to Play Happy Birthday Guitar Chords – With the Help of Below Image (Using C Major Scale)

Method 1:

happy-birthday-guitar-chords1 Happy Birthday Chords

Using C Major Scale:

happy-birthday-guitar-chords Happy Birthday Chords

Method 2:

Learn how to play guitar chords using G key; the chords chart for happy birthday method we are recommending here are compatible with both acoustic and electric guitar. Let’s see the chords for happy birthday song using the below lyrics.

happy-birthday-guitar-chords2 Happy Birthday Chords

Happy Birthday Chords GuitarContrary to the standard list of songs available on internet pages, the happy birthday song is the most favorite song of all generations. Happy Birthday, Song using guitar chords is majorly seen in all the birthday parties.

Source Learn Guitar Chords for Beginners Here

We are also providing happy birthday using guitar tutorials – So, that you can learn well by practicing lively. All the very best for your new start – We hope to see your success soon, through comments.

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