Why He Left Me For Someone Else | Know The Real Reasons

Why He Left Me For Someone Else | Know The Real Reasons

Why He Left Me For Someone Else – Did you both assure each other to stay together forever? Did you plan your future and whole life together? He promised to stick with you in every happiness and odds, but now he abandoned you.

He left you without even telling you a proper reason. Now you are sitting alone in a corner with a messy, chaotic and an angry mind imagining what did you do wrong which made him leave you for someone else. But you don’t find a suitable answer for it as you are disturbed. So, today we are here to help you figure out why your boyfriend left you for someone else.

Do you want to know why he left you for someone else? Then read on.

How To Know Why He Left Me For Someone Else

my-lover-left-me-for-someone-else He Left Me For Someone Else


Maybe he was not actually in love with you. Perhaps he was only attracted to you, and you know, it doesn’t last long. So, he might have reached a point where he no longer felt drawn towards you and left you, in search of finding someone else.

This mostly happens in teenage or due to physical beauty.


You may not have understood him correctly and overreacted in many situations. You might have failed to give what he wanted. It might be care or support.

You may have failed in winning his confidence and trust.

You might have dragged an argument more than its required, which led to misunderstandings and problems.

my-ex-left-me-for-someone-else He Left Me For Someone Else

No Proper Communication

Expressing what you feel is important. Telling all your insecurities, problems. Letting out what you are expecting from him. Sharing everything is very important for continuing and strengthening a relationship. Without communication, every connection fails.


Possessiveness is fine but over possessiveness, over care, over rules, over restrictions will drive anyone to nuts, especially guys. It will make them feel that are being deprived of their freedom and after a point, all the excess feelings will dive him crazy, and then he gets fed up. Which ultimately results in break up? Never forget anything excess is not good.


boyfriend-left-me-for-someone-else He Left Me For Someone Else

Comfort Zone

Everyone prefers to stay with the ones they are comfortable with. Especially, when it comes to love life guys will go for girls with less drama and more comfort. Let it be in bed or emotions. So, he might have left you for the uncomfortable situations you have thrown him into without even thinking or caring about him.


Maybe he was not serious at all. Perhaps he was using you for showing off and accepted you or proposed you for time pass.

So, he might have left you for someone who is important to him.


Killing His Space

 Maybe you were eating away all his space. You were too unhappy to see him going out with his friends and always wanted him to stay with you and around you. Maybe you cut out all his happiness by demanding him to cut his friends.

Personal Issues

What if he had some personal issue with taking care of family and not going against family? Maybe he is being annoyed by you and his responsibilities and needed a break from you to satisfy at least few of his duties. What if you are pestering him to spend time with you and be with you when he is under all the pressures?

These are few reasons because of which boyfriends leave you for someone else, or he left me for someone else. Don’t get depressed and start improving yourself as you might have why he left you around the reason for your breakup after reading the above reasons. If there was no mistake of yours, then he was not the right one for you. Everything happens for a reason.

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