real love is real

love message language

Hello love messages to your loved one to say hi romantically

Love is real, real love is real too. Whats the difference anyways? I know that both have one thing in common -relationship. Relationship (long distance and near ones) are proves to conclude that love is more than just physical attractions. Where ever you are the language of real love and emotion is universal -it begins with “Hi Love”. Find smooth compilation to say hello to your sweetheart.

Recently thoughts of you flood my heart, then I asked myself why…
Then I realized its because you’ve kept being who u are and that is why I love you -because you are different. This is how I say Hi to my heartthrob.

Hi there, I’m here just wishing you were here now and I’m getting jealous of all the people who get to see you often.

Having someone special as you makes say goodbye too difficult and saying hello so easy. I must be fortunate.

Your hello catches my attention more than any tone. I can’t wait for your ringtone so I can say hi.

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