How To Get Over Someone You Love & Never Dated

How To Get Over Someone You Love & Never Dated

How To Get Over Someone – Do you feel the magic between you both getting weaker? Do you feel the fire between you both getting low?

Is your girlfriend does not love you like before? Do you feel your relationship is not the same anymore and you are scared that your girl might slide away? Then you have got to start working on your relationship again. If you love your girlfriend and don’t want to lose her then, start making her wants you more. But how to get over someone? Well, we are here to encourage you with that. How to make your girlfriend want you more in a relationship or how to get over someone you love more.

How To Get Over Someone You Love

how-to-get-over-a-someone-you-love How To Get Over Someone

Make Her Feel Safe

Be honest and stay loyal. Give her a sense of trust and never break her heart or feelings. Be a man of commitment and never lie to her.

Have patience and handle her drama and arguments with grace this shows you are mature enough to handle any problems or any situations that may come on your way in the future.

Tell her what you expect from the relationship and her. Talk to her and ask her to express her feelings and insecurities about the relationship. So, that you can work on the problems before they cause any further damage.

Be clear and take the lead, like choosing places, making plans, etc. But don’t boss her.

how-to-get-over-a-someone How To Get Over Someone

Get Better

Become a better boyfriend.

Talk to her about her future, her dreams, and goals in life.

Support her and help her to achieve them, give her your guidance and suggestions.

Become a gentleman. Becoming a gentleman does not mean you have to do everything for her. It means just pay a little attention and make her feel unique. Open the car door for her, pull out a chair for her in the restaurants. Help her carry the extra luggage.


Respect Her Space

Encourage her to get independent. Don’t do every small work for her. Cheer her to do the job by her and later appreciate her for her hard work. Don’t get jealous or insecure if she goes out with her friends. Instead, you can surprise her by planning girls day out for her. This will make her feel lucky for having you.

Don’t call her or text her continuously if she is busy or out when she is out with her friends; this will make her feel that you don’t trust her.

Be Nice To Her Friends

If your girl invites her friends to hang out with you guys, then don’t say no. Because friends are influential. A no from them is like a slow poison and can kill any good relationship. So, be nice and friendly to her friends. If you get any chance to help her friends, do it.


how-to-get-over-a-someone How To Get Over Someone

Make It Feel New Everytime

Make your every meets new and refreshing. Add excitement to your relationship. Do new things together like learning a new sport or go hiking or take art classes along. This will help you guys to rebuild a whole different level of communication and will make sure you guys are spending a quality time together.

Excite her by surprising her. This doesn’t mean you should buy her gifts. Be spontaneous. Plan a surprise meeting. Help her complete her bucket list.

how-to-get-over-a-someone How To Get Over Someone


One of worst habit which prevails in every diminishing relationship is no proper communication. Communication can solve a lot of problems and can help you guys to get even stronger. It helps you to wipe away all your misunderstandings and strengthens your relationship. Most of the relationships fail due to no proper communication. So, stop feeding silence and start feeding the discussion.


how-to-get-over-a-someone How To Get Over Someone

Give Her Attention

Compliment her as you mean it. Everyone loves to hear compliments and girls love to listen to them more frequently.

Select a dress for her and tell her how beautiful she looks.

Impress her. Spend more time with her.

These are few suggestions by which you can make your girl want you more in a relationship. These relationship tips will help you to kill the distance between you both and will help you strengthen your relationship. So, guys what are you waiting for? Get your girl obsessed with you.

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