TOP 90+ I Love You Sweet Text Messages

TOP 90+ I Love You Sweet Text Messages

I Love You Sweet Text Messages to Girlfriend Boyfriend

I- Love-You-Sweet-Text-Messages Sweet Text Messages

Long Sweet Text Messages For Her – We actually, don’t act as if to know what love is for everyone but, we prepared to share what love is for us – So, in this post, we are sharing why love is all about knowing someone so deeply?

We are 100% sure you are at exact place for knowing Sweet and cute Love Text Message for Lovers or Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

We have compiled a lot of tiny and lengthy Sweet Text Messages that can be helpful while sending to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

 These below Sweet Love Text Message for Lovers will definitely give you Goosebumps for sure.

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I Love You Messages for Girlfriend: Quotes for Her Want

Anybody (Man or Women) can desire to achieve a little or wishing like amazing thing to happen for a good cause. So, this is the desire over wishing of someone get what they wish for.

  • Please take care of yourself, and don’t break yourself by doing things which you can’t. I Love you still.
  • Wherever you be now, I believe you are safe and doing well; Missing!! Those days sitting next you.
  • Am extremely missing everything moment, I spent with you. I Love You
  •  Feeling like, saying “HI”. Other than its okay if you are busy.
  • It’s not me, I am feeling so unbalanced, and I am in a belief it’s because I fail to spot you.

Love Failure

We had seen many people fall in love, failed in love and still wanting to be with them like more than with any other person however, no one cannot judge what has happened with them, or what cause them to stay away from each other – I Love You Messages For Girlfriend

I- Love-You-Sweet-Text-Messages Sweet Text Messages

What is a Pure Love?

  • A Pure love is something we trust mildly enough to let know everything about each other together with the things you are humiliated of.
  • A Pure love is something you are so much comfortable to move on, and feeling safe like we are in our Mother Womb.

So, for a girl or a boy – Whether, you are still close or broke up; you’ll always stay as very important person in his/her heart beat.

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100+ Sweet Text Messages to Send To Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend


I- Love-You-Sweet-Text-Messages Sweet Text Messages

Sweet Love Text Message for Lovers – Let’s Get Started

Sweet Love Text Message for Lovers – Long Sweet Text Messages for Her is those beautiful words that will surely remind your lovers of your special day you spent. Best couple may or may not be together always but, a sweet text messages sent through mobile or posted in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter) can create a strong bond.

  • I stopped sending you text messages because; I believe I made enough trust, surest confident in you about me or anything in this world. This is the reason I left you my friend.
  • In your biggest problems, don’t forget me am here for you; I’ll embrace you with my warmth, if you forget me.
  • I believe, and you too know the fact that, we cannot write our names on the sky however, we can inscribe it our hearts.  I love you my soul mate.
  • Without any limitations, love you this much. Please, accept my love without any irritation. I promise; I will be as sweet as your sweetest dreams.
  • I swear; I miss you too much sweet heart, large compliment I send. And I feel affection for you more than the filling of my beautiful texts I send. Believe it or not, it is such a love, super authentic and won’t make you believe.

Long Love Text Messages for Her


We feel so much strong, happy about you concerning this Sweet Love Text Messages for Lovers that can help them to rethink, in relation to all memories, split of second with him/her.

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You won’t believe how much love she has for you, and how much care she is taking for you to be happy with her always.

  • You are the person who is sweeter than the sweet craves, there may be several ways to acknowledge this but, I preferred this way. I Love You
  • There is something I left for you to tell. I Love You.
  • I’m so much lucky to have you; I don’t know how much I mean to you.
  • So far, I seen you with full of energy and cheerfulness that attracts all around you so, please maintain it for all time.
  • One thing I observed very keenly from you is; you show much curiosity to learn new things much quicker. I Love You.
  • The best part of you is; you can make anybody laugh out loud with your funniness which no one can grab it from you. I Love You.
  • I love you so much, because you are so open to each thing I utter. Really, it makes me love you more and more.
  • Most admirable part in you is, you believe what you do and believe in yourself.
  • I feel so warm, when I see you protecting me, and the best part is you won’t show it out. I Love You.
  • Please don’t change or try to remove one thing in you – When you put your mind on something you are doing. I believe, no one can dare to stop you.

I- Love-You-Sweet-Text-Messages Sweet Text Messages

I Love You Messages for Girlfriend

The first word or promise I have for you today, and for lifelong is “I always be loyal to you”. Do you know one thing how much lucky you are to me? How much respect, admiration I have for you – To be frank, I’m, lost in your magic.

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  • Firstly, I thought to flirt with you in any possible ways I can do. But, contrary to my usual text messages to you – Today, I fall in love with you this is because you have that most beautiful melting heart that I never felt.
  • I started loving you, when I stopped thinking, that how much beautiful you are.
  • I was thinking these many years to tell you how much I love you. Please, admit it.
  • I need your hugs, kisses to become stronger.
  • If you become my mobile phone, I would and I will always keep kissing it.


You can also use above sweet text messages to her as Good Morning Wishes, Good Night Wishes by replacing “I Love You” to “Good Morning Dear” or “Good Night Dear”. If you find this I Love You Sweet Text Messages to Girlfriend Boyfriend post pretty useful then please forward this to your friends on Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks for the visit.

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