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Inspiring Stories of Courage – The world is sinking with hate and fear. With all that’s been going on, few good people in this world do the right thing at the right time. We have often heard about our heroes in military and police getting recognition for their bravery, but some people are ordinary and have done extraordinary things by showing courage to fight against bad. Inspiring Stories of Courage brings you one’s such story.

Inspiring Stories of Courage – Story Of Life

Inspiring-Stories-of-Courage Inspiring Stories Of Courage

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Late in the evening when I was walking in the park. Suddenly I heard a loud scream coming from behind bushes. I stopped by to listen and understood that a woman was being attacked. I heard sounds of fighting and muttering going on. For several moments I was hesitant and thinking what to do next, should I get involved or not?

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I panicked at the moment and was frightened for my life what if things go the wrong way. Maybe it is better to call the cops and let them deal, came through my mind? Then I quickly realized that woman‘s voice becomes weaker by the moment, so I knew it was time and I have to act quickly. Can I now run away from this? There seems to be no option.


Finally, at the blink of the moment, I decided that I have to help this unknown woman no matter what, even if I am risking my life. I felt some strange transformation inside me, the moral and physical strength overtook, so I ran behind the bushes as soon as I can.  And I pulled the attacker off the girl, threw him away from his holding his back. We fell to the ground and wrestled for several minutes. Then the attacker jumped up and ran away from the other side.

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Breathing heavily, I slowly came up to the girl, who was covering behind the tree still scared from the shock. It was dark, so I could not see her face clearly from that distance. I felt that she was terrified, so I talked to her from a distance: “You are safe now my child, it‘s ok now, the man has run away.“ After a few silent moments, I heard her first words with a great bewilderment in her voice: “Dad, is that you, say me is that you?” And then I realized from her voice that the girl was my youngest daughter and I burst into tears.


There are times a person should rise above his stature and trust is his instincts to do the right thing. With showing a simple gesture of courage can lead to a long way and make a difference in the world, where everything is ignored just to make their life simple. Have the courage to ask when you feel the person at the other end is not doing the right thing.

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The World needs such people as we have come to a society which is least bothered about our neighbor’s or strangers on the road who are getting beaten up. Every human being is important and shouldn’t be forced to do anything against their will.

Inspiring Stories of Courage – As a real person, we should all strive to show some courage as this will be encouraging to others; and this will set a benchmark for other to rise to the occasion. Every Inspiring story of courage may or not be able to make it for recognition but the inner soul will feel satisfied that you have done what other couldn’t do, and you are hopeful for a better future in this world. Always respect the law of the land and follow the rules of citizenship, that the only way to show mutual respect.

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