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Invitation Messages – Invitation is a formal message to a recipient to attend an event, and the event may be of any like Wedding, Kitty Party, Farewell, Sister Marriage, Shop Opening, Birthday Party, and others. In general, the invitation messages can be carried through vocal or sometimes if the person you are looking to invite is far away then, a simple text message or letter of invitation for an event is done.

In today’s methodology, there have been vast changes have occupied where the time consumption to invite people is now a matter of seconds or few clicks. However, some people are still following traditions.

If you are looking for best invitation messages for any event then, you have landed correctly. We have some best collections of invitation messages for weddings, party, farewell, engagement and for others.

Before we take a long jump let’s also read out few question as to why people called Invitation as Invite.

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Is it Invite or Invitation

Many times, people tend to use as follows; I have got an Invite to speak at TEDx. However, the word “Invite” is very less acceptable than “invitation” so, for a healthy moving it is better to use the traditional form that is “Invitation.”

Why Is Invitation Messages Important?

In this modern age, where we gadgets are more usage for written communication than of whitepapers; writing an invitation letter is an art, and it is the first impression you are referring. An interesting note builds a sense of enthusiasm and expectation. It sets the tone for your future event.  In contentious social and business gatherings, it can be the determining portion in who admits and who rejects.

Now, we will discuss, an importance of Invitations distinctively – Basically, Invitations (Wedding, Event, Party and others) are a form of a very hearty congratulations formal letter or a sample letter written to invite people or groups for an important celebration or function. So, an invitation letter can be a formal and informal affair.

In other words, an invitation is an open declaration where you can declare event themes like, what type of party, for whom, why, where, when and RSVP.

  • Invitations are part of the fun of a party; not enough imagination goes into them.

When Should You Send Out Invitations Messages?

You may be having a lot of questions knocking you like, what to write on invitation cards when to send an invitation messages.

In general, the invitation messages are sent or given to the guest before 2 – 3 weeks of the event’ make sure, what to include (Address of the venue, name, and others) and what to say while presenting invitation messages to guests.

Wedding Invitation Address Etiquette?

Now, let’s talk about wedding invitation etiquette and wedding invitation wording here – First off, if you are into this section then, very hearty congratulations to you. The very first step note about wedding invitation wording is “Grammar Mistakes.”

Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording – Unique Wedding Ideas

Here, you can read general dos and don’ts about traditional wedding invitation etiquette proper wording.

  • You should not use punctuation symbol except after to the addressing titles such as Dr, Mr., and Ms.
  • Avoid usage of Capital Letters for every line. Use if the first word is a sentence or if you want to mention any deities.
  • Capitalize courtesy Titles, Names, and Place of the venue.
  • In general, all the invitation cards include Year, Date and Time so, if you want to mention, make sure to spell it out.
  • Make sure you invitation card is addressed in a way that it is directly representing the third person you are talking about like, “Mr. and Mrs. David Grison” instead of “We.”
  • Please, try to not to use abbreviations. Always, spell out words such as street, months, days of the week and others.
  • Contractions – Make sure to spell out words such as “Do Not” instead of “Don’t.” This is a far-reaching issue so; make sure your wedding invitations are grammar free.

Purpose of Invitation

This is to let your family, friends, and others know that you are celebrating a function or event or party and you want their presence.

Wedding Invitation Apps for Android and iPhone?

Wedding Party Invitation Card Maker – If you are looking out for wedding invitation apps for Android – Then, download Wedding Party Invitation Card Maker, where you can create invitation cards and send it to friends via social media or email.

Paperless Post: Invitations and eCards – Use iPhone apps to Create and Send paperless invitation cards to friends and family members.

First Birthday Invitation Wording – Are you looking for invitation messages for your first birthday party? Then, you are most welcomed here. Birthday celebration for your child for his/her birthday is very special to parents and also, they feel so proud of the child growing up with the time.

Would you like to send first birthday invitation messages to your friends and family members? In which way you want to have your baby’s first birthday invitation wording to be? Text messages Or Invitation Cards.

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