Romantic Love Messages -Life without the love of my life.

romantic love messages

Romantic Love Messages -Don’t Break My Heart

Till today the subject of break up and separation is tough and hard to deal. Long standing relationship, long distance relationship and all in between are all subject to this almost unavoidable situation. Most people will shrink and loose their mind when this becomes a subject in their relationship. There are many ways to go about this, today we share messages that may try to repel issues of separation. It is good to speak your mind on any matter, if you really loves someone you shouldn’t be scared of telling how hard it would be if you loosed them.  Although breakup may re-suffice but you cannot tell. Only send these messages if you want to. Its pointless trying to win someone over when you’ve already given up on them. Besides it will hurt more if there’s no positive response after.


Without you I can’t concentrate, your presence by my side gives me courage to move on. I lost interest, I loose appetite and I lack focus when if loose you. Why cant you see this -you’re the only one for me. All I want is you.

Promises to never leave each other’s side, plans of a life together, visions and dreams of being together gets washed away without you in the picture. I don’t want to loose you.

Only with you by my side will I survive though sometimes. We fight and get hurt we get stronger because love never gives up. My wish is that we start afresh again.

Love is persistence and never gives up. Baby don’t break up don’t break my heart, when we make up it takes us further to perfection and gives us a strength of commitment.

You know I never meant to hurt you my heart robber. If you know what its like to love somebody like the way I love you, then you should know that you are a thief.

Only now I realize that my whole life, the life that I dreamed of and worked towards, my only source of motivation, can never be achieved without you.

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