The 5 worst types of men every woman should avoid (Considering Relationship)

The 5 worst types of men every woman should avoid (Considering Relationship)

The 5 worst types of men every woman should avoid (every day of the week)

I’ve learnt a great deal from my experience in relationship. The best lesson this journey has taught me is that there are certain types of people who you should avoid when the subject of dating is mentioned. Learning and not telling is what kills the old, hearing and not learning is what kills the young. There are some certain kinds of people who may not mean any harm at the beginning at the same time to pose to be a bone in the throat at the end. This unfortunate end is what everyone should try to avoid. It will be too late to cry when the head is off. In this post I try to spell out the traits and characters of those kinds of person with the sole factor of relationships in mind.
When your subconscious mind is not clear, having doubts like “Is he the right one for me?” “Is he serious about me?” Will he ever settle down with me?” “He doesn’t care about my feelings, needs and well being” –you should stop for awhile and think about how much time, energy, and heartache you would save if you could determine if he’s the right person for you bold enough to take your relationship to the next level.
Of course this should come first before you get too deep and committed in the relationship so you do not end up with a broken heart.
This is where I present to you

The 5 types of men every woman should avoid


Character 1:
Has no job, doesn’t work and no skills.

Please notice that I omitted degree (university degree or certificate). You can’t possibly build a relationship out of imagination. You need money. Work gives you money, a job pays you and that’s money, your skill shows you do the job but your certificate don’t get you money. When relationship is involved you do not need a degree to WORK it out. There’s nothing wrong if you have it, the emphasis in this subject is irrelevant.
Lets define work, job and skills.
Work – be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result; do work.
Job – a paid position of regular employment.
Skill – the ability to do something well; expertise, a particular ability.
When a man hates his job he eventually hates to go to work. When a man feels like he isn’t contributing or being productive, he will feel like a disappointment. A man who feels like a disappointment is unbearable to live with. He looses his sense of belonging and that makes him not to be loving, caring and giving partner who can stand by you emotionally or otherwise.
If you’re already in a relationship with him: the last thing you should do is try to blame him, profer solutions to his problems in a demeaning way or even tell your girlfriends about it. You may end up doing worse than your intended good

Instead, try to remind him of all the good things he had done in the past and appreciate him even if it is past. This will boost his morale and give him energy to want to take actionable steps. Do not place demands whatsoever on him.
Exceptional cases -where the man was previously working but lost his job or falls ill, then you have to show support financially and encourage him.

Character 2:
He’s a pet of his mummy/daddy

I find this point somewhat difficult to lay straight especially because I’m a guy and not everybody will like me for this. I am careful because it’s very sensitive. Let’s get down.
Real men moves up to be independent, they stay away from their comfort zone. In that way they make positive decisions that will shapen their life on course. Babies and mummies’ boys still live with their parents. Don’t get me wrong as there’s nothing wrong staying around your old folks but when parents still pay their bills and nurse them – be careful. Because they may not yet be matured to commit to a purposeful relationship. Who knows parents might decide for them. If they are under parents’ roof, they must be under their rules.
When God mad man (Adam), he first gave him a place of his own (Garden of Eden) to take care of. God left Adam to his will –though unfortunately he disobeyed God.
What if maybe that there are some reasons why he’s still staying with his parents (an illness, a job issue, security or a disorder?). This questions many –in this case a step towards self diplomacy should be taken.
If you are already in this kind of relationship and you feel comfortable with the reasons whatsoever, its entirely up to you to decide that. So long you are happy with it.

Character 3:
Getting too close in an intimate manner

If you are smart – when a guy is getting too devoted you should sense that its unusual of anybody unless there’s something he’s after. Hello this could mean sex! You should notice the calls, the messages, cards flowers I mean when he’s all over you he might as well just want to get into you. Watch out women loves what they hear and men loves what they see. Men will say all manner of words to get you – promises that cannot be proven and treats that do not have strong roots -be careful.

You’ve only met him for a few times and his behavior isn’t so much a sign of genuine feelings. If you feel this way it’s an indicator that he simply misses being in a relationship. If he isn’t getting out of a relationship, then it’s very likely his sudden affections are probably his weak points(he might as well get a crush on any other lady and ignores you as he has done others).
If you both are already in a relationship suddenly after: how you deal with it is up to you to decide. Don’t go around him every time, do not put yourself in a touchy sexual mood, do not be an object of emotional dumping ground where anyone comes to drop his excesses and that’s the end. There’s more to relationship than that. If he truly loves you, he will respect you and your decision for a better healthy relationship. If he doesn’t, he’ll surely zoom off when you say no.

He’s a cheater (flirts with other women)

Its difficult to notice flings and swings early in relationship but when it becomes frequent then it’s established as obvious. Signs are when he starts giving excuses every now and then, showing up late or not coming at all, and keeping intermediate long distance. Other signs are strict privacy with mobile phones especially when it wasn’t so in previous times –there might be something fishy about that.
Be cautious of the guy who jump from one relationship to the other, the end comes with break up.
Letting go of a guy who you see as a potential spouse is a daunting task. If a guy really likes you, he’ll amend his ways and come back.
If you’re already in a relationship you deserve better. First you need to know where you are headed. Unless you are not committed. You should find out from him if there’s anything going on outside the relationship in a peaceful manner. Try calling him to order, chances are he may be upon other things other than what you think.

More than one of the other four characters above

I do not need to say any more. More than one is worse enough. You don’t want to be the one in charge of cleaning up the mess when things go messy.
Do you have any experiences or know other characters? Please share with us/other in the comment section below. Sharing is caring!

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