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Today I decided to do something a bit different from the usual (my blogging motivation); at every point in time, we need to motivate ourselves by sharing our personal experiences. This is why I decided to tell a little about myself and the reason behind this blog. I never thought I’d get this far. It’s encouraging when we learn from others and draw inspiration from the people around us. Alright, enough of the paraphrasing… here it comes

How I started my first website

Back in 2017, I received an emergency phone call requesting that I come back home as quickly as possible. I never expected that because I still had a lot to do that day. When I finally got back home, I was shocked by the situation on ground. My wife had been diagnosed with post-partum disorder (ppd). This happened at the same time I was embracing fatherhood, we welcomed our first child barely two months back. It wasn’t an easy fate to accept but yet, we had to move on. I had to stop work the entire time to make room for the new changes, devote more time to my family and as well as to aid the recovery process. If you’ve had someone in your life with similar experience then you’ll understand what it meant to suffer from a depression as PPD.

What to do?

I was home throughout the entire time and I pastime surfing the net most of the days. At that time, I always searched Google with keyword terms like “causes of ppd”, “how to prevent ppd” and a lot of other queries that flooded my mind – regarding the predicament of my beloved wife. To cut the long story short – I never knew the situation was paving way for something that would later become my hobby. During one of the searches, I came across an ad from one of the health blogs that I often visited from Google search. I don’t know why but the detail caught my attention. Here is a sample of the ad below, I’m sure you must have come across it before.

google adsense ad

You’ve been reading blogs, now you wanna blog! Be serious…

That was the feeling I got the day I paid for this blog’s domain name and hosting. LOL 🙂

If I knew anything about blogging back then, to me it was merely a website-thing where you read about info on different kinds of stuff, gossips, Nollywood, Hollywood and top richest men in the world and that was it – nothing serious. I didn’t think anybody would depend on something like that for a living. Seriously – who will pay you for having a

But here I am today with this tiny little baby ( – my first project) and it keeps growing bigger. Alright, something happened that I haven’t told you yet. I had built up interest in blogging during the time I was nursing my wife, (remember the ad?) I clicked it and boom! I knew I needed one too. This is the big G! Do you get it? No… not GOD (the almighty G), I mean Google! Who doesn’t know him, he answers all questions from that small white box of his. So this was my chance to work with him in a partnership. I finally got the chance to partner with big G. The deal is, he puts ads on my blog and we split the pay from publishers. I quickly signed up for an Adsense account, and luckily, I got approved.

What Next?

After a long while, my wife had recovered from the depression, I went back to my 9 – 5. I knew some thing different was about to evolve. At first, I wanted to dive straight into writing about PPD, because I have had a handful of experience firsthand but then I knew it would have to need more than that experience. I still own a health domain for that niche till today (www.healthfocus – extension removed for personal reasons). OK, what did I do instead?

It all begins with a search

free keyword research tool

If I must advise anyone, never begin any journey without having a roadmap, yes that’s right, you need a journey plan to begin any venture online. It’s called Keyword research analysis. If I had started my blogging journey with health niche, I wouldn’t know if I’d have amassed this size of traffic and readership today. Judging from how competitive that niche is. The CPCs (cost per clicks) are far higher than what I earn from this blog though.

Keyword analysis is the process of taking the guesswork out from your niche site. In other words, it helps you find low competition keywords that you can easily rank for. I was lucky to be here. Aside from keyword research analysis, one thing that helped me scale was the love and commitment I have for my wife. Before making a post, I would always think towards us, what I loved about her and how her love for me has motivated me to stay strong during that time. I could write all day on love messages, sexy love messages and trust love messages.  All these keywords are currently ranked for in Google Search engine.

Number 1 ranking on google

And I can statistically tell that over 30,000 unique visitors come to this website to copy or re-write their own SMS love message, and also to get romantic love message inspiration. This also is over 70,000 monthly page views and some $$$ from Google every 25th of the moth…

Ask how?  We partners now…

Time will not allow me to narrate all in just this post alone. I have decided to go full time into blogging and I will be updating about my other blogs here in the future. Anyone can become a blogger, anyone who is knowledgeable enough to write quality content can earn from blogging.

Kill the Guesswork with a Free keyword research tool

Finally, if you ever think of getting started with blogging, there are a lot of free tools that you’ll need at your arsenal. Most importantly, a roadmap for your blogging journey. This tool gives you free keyword searches per day for finding that goldmine keyword for your niche. You may not get lucky guess-blogging, as the competition grows almost every day. Take the guesswork out and sign up for a free keyword research tool and take for a spin.

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