Words can’t right my wrongs

Romantic Apology: Sorry Messages

Apology: a regretful acknowledgement of an offence or failure. Remedy: I’m Sorry Quotes/Messages.

It is very good to apologize when you realize that you’ve hurt someone. But the first step is making up one’s mind to tender a heartfelt note. Never be to proud or arrogant, its very easy to say however when it becomes difficult for you then watch out. Pride may be setting in.

Enjoy these lovely quotes by popular authors

No way to wear a smile, the joy inside is gone
This is my sorry for letting you down
I will turn the hands of time, if you let me – I would go back in time
and accept my letters of apology. – maxlovemessages.com.ng

I want you to know that though these words cant right my wrongs
I mean it when I say I’m SORRY and its from the bottom of my heart.
Give me a second chance to prove how much I Love You. – maxlovemessages.com.ng


“Saying sorry to someone is hard… but putting your pride down for someone is the hardest.”12 » Cristina Orante


“Keep your words soft and tender because tomorrow you may have to eat them.” – unknown


“When you realize you’ve made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm.” » Dan Heist


“An apology? Bah! Disgusting! Cowardly! Beneath the dignity of any gentleman, however wrong he might be.” » Steve Martin


“It will never do to plead sin as an excuse for sin, or to attempt to justify sinful acts by pleading that we have an evil heart. This instead of being a valid apology is the very ground of our condemnation.” » Archibald Alexander


I am Sorry Messages


“I trust fate and i believe in love, which is why i know you’ll accept my apology. I’m sorry.”


“I don’t know what to say but to apologize for being such a jerk. I hope you look beyond this mistake and forgive me.”

I am Sorry Messages


“I am sorry for making you lose your temper. But to be honest, you look boiling hot when your temper boils over.”


“My heart has been leaking and bleeding since the day i hurt you. Please plug the holes with your forgiveness. I am sorry.”


“I took for granted, all our smiles, laughs and memories. I promise i’ll never do it again, because they mean the world to me. I am sorry.”


“I am sorry for being a bit clingy. It is just that i can’t stop thinking about you.”


“Have shown you what an idiot i can be by making that mistake. Now it is your turn to show me what a darling you can be by giving your anger a break. I am sorry.”


“I am sorry for arguing with you. It’s just that i want the best of things to happen in your life. Please forgive me baby.”


“Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever, if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.”


“My lies may have been the dark clouds, but your forgiveness will be the silver lining. I am sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”


“The homepage of our relationship cannot be currently displayed because of a server error. Can we please click on the refresh button and start over again? I am sorry baby.”



“I may have been wrong but if i don’t do this, i’ll never be right. I apologize.”


“If you leave me to myself, i would self-destruct. But if you accept my apology, i would be born again.”


“I can’t believe how i drove us apart, when all i ever wanted was for us to be together… now and forever. ”


“I have a hot temper but it isn’t hotter than you. Please forgive me.


“Angry is ugly, forgiveness is sexiness. Forgive me please?”


“I’m sorry for being jealous. It’s just that i’m afraid of losing the best thing to have ever happened to me.”


“I am not perfect but i’m still me. The same guy who holds you in his arms because you’re all that matter to him. I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that i bombarded you with my angry outburst. From now on i promise to think about our relationship first. I am sorry.” keepcalm-o-matic

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