How To Tell Her You Love Her Without Saying It Or Scaring It

How To Tell Her You Love Her – It is like injecting a slow poison when you think of the girl you like rejecting you. Every moment will eat you away because it will destroy the friendship between you both completely and you both will become strangers again. Scaring off her with any big move is a way too bold or risky. But thank god, that we have another way to propose her without using any words. All you possess to do is let your actions speak on behalf of you. How do we do that? Well, we all here to help you out with that question just focus on what we say and follow our words.

10 Ways On How To Tell Her You Love Her

how-to-tell-her-how-much-you-love-her how to tell her you love her

Involve Into Her

Listen to her actively. Follow her words, pay attention while she is talking to you. This will make her feel good and will make her think she has a support shoulder. Where she can lean on and feel easy.

Eye Contact

Maintain constant eye contact. Eye to eye talk plays a significant role in every and any relationship. Express your interest by bestowing your direct attention. That doesn’t mean you should gaze at her continuously without blinking or stopping.

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Look into her eyes while she is talking to you. Then, when it’s your turn to speak, divert your look to something else and pause for a second. Then start talking while looking at her.

This will make her feel that you are drawn back to her again and again.

How To Tell Your GirlFriend That You Love Her

how-to-tell-her-you-love-her how to tell her you love her

Use Body Language

If the girl you like is talking to you, then turn your body towards her. Not only your head but turn your body too. This will make her feel you are engaged in her.

Prioritize Her

She should be in the top place in your preference list. Treating her as a priority will make her feel special and will undoubtedly give her the feeling of a special person.

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But don’t do this too much because this may lead to other disturbances between you and your peer groups as you may arrive at few situations where you will have to avoid them. So, balance it equally.

How To Tell Your Girlfriend You Love Her More

how-to-tell-her-that-you-love-her how to tell her you love her

Spend More Time Together

Try spending more quality time together. Go to different places, invite her to parties, and try learning new skills together. Talk about her dreams and goals. Get to know her favorite places and surprise her by taking her to that location. Help her with her shopping and assist her with her projects and assignments.


Tell her how good she is. Compliment her and her work. Show how you feel when you are with her or talk to her. Make her feel great about herself. Say her how much she means to you. Girls love to hear compliments.

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Don’t look fake complimenting. Praise her as you mean it. Give her your perfect look while complimenting and be charming. Don’t over compliment or else she will come to know that you are faking it.

How To Show Her You Love Her

how-to-tell-your-girlfriend-you-love-her how to tell her you love her

Small Gifts

It’s not about the money you spend. It’s how well your gift makes her feel is important. Little things matter a lot, like remembering her favorite chocolate and getting it for her or picking up her favorite flower on the way. This will make her feel that you are thinking about her and care for her everywhere you go, and this will make her happy.

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Touch Her

Hold her hands whenever you get a chance. Go for a friendly hello and goodbye hugs. This will reveal if she is comfortable with your touch or not. If she is, then it means she likes you. If not give her a little more time.

How To Tell Her How Much You Love Her

Flirt With Her

Flirting is one of the distinct ways which tell her that you like her and don’t want to be friend zoned. Flirting states a lot and hits a lot of correct switches. Make her laugh, be flattering, be funny but don’t look dumb.

Taking Care

Take care of her. Go to her and talk to her whenever she feels sad or lonely. Encourage her and support her in everything. Create a feeling of trust where she can share anything with you, and this will make you a special person for her too.

So, guys gear up and follow the above points actively on how to tell a girl that you love her without saying it or scaring it and trust us; this will work because actions speak louder than words.