How To Text A Girl You Like | What Not To Do Things

How To Text A Girl You Like  You have met an attractive girl and had a nice conversation with her. You felt a little fire between you both and felt that you can take this relationship to the higher level and swapped phone numbers. Now you get back home and think of texting her.

This is where your real challenge starts. Your thought goes empty, and you end up having questions like what to text? How to get her attention? How to create interest in your conversations?

If you make any mistakes in your initial few texts, she may lose interest in you. Plus, she may not give you a second chance. So, this is where, we enter to help you, to make a difference in your regular conversations, to answer all your puzzles.

How to text her for the first time?

9 Things On How To Text A Girl You Like

How-To-Text-To-A-Girl-You-Like How To Text A Girl You Like

Allure Her

She gets home from work and sees her phone beeping. What do you think that is? Yes, they are texts from different guys who are trying to get close to her like you are trying.

If you start your writing with a hello or sup? You will be the same as the other guys craving for a chance. So, start your conversation with something you guys had spoken when you met. This will make her think about the whole scene of you her and the topic which will create an impressive start. You can use lines like

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Hello, beautiful, still a bit moved up by the look you gave me when I cornered you. So, whats up?

Overwhelm her with attention. Make her feel special.

Stop When Required

Don’t over text her. Don’t look like a creep waiting for her text without any work. Pick up and have patience. Check how long she takes to text you. If she is taking 5 minutes, then you take 6 to 7 minutes. If she takes an hour, you also take a moment to reply. 

Don’t text her when you feel she stays busy as you are still a hello friend she will text you when she gets free.

How To Text To A Girl You Like

Things-To-Text-A-Girl-You-Like How To Text A Girl You Like

Keep An Eye On The Flow

Make sure your interaction is playful and warm when required. Tease her whenever you get a chance but don’t over tease because too much of anything is not okay.  Make her talk about herself without she getting frustrating.

Feel lucky if she asks you questions about yourself or her. This is a sign that she is interested in you. Engage her with your talk and use what you know about her. Don’t over think.

Make Her Laugh

Guys who make girls laugh have a good chance to get into a special place in girls heart. The sense of humor can help a relationship to move forward.

There is saying “guys who can make a girl laugh can make her love.” But don’t act too dumb and be careful with the jokes you are going to use and the way you put them. Be funny but don’t be stupid.

What To Do

How To Text A Girl You Like Examples

How-To-Text-A-Girl-You-Like-Examples How To Text A Girl You Like

Flirt with her:

Flirt with her in a playful flow. Girls love guys with spontaneous flirty humor. It will make her laugh. Plus, it will get you into little sexy conversations. You can start up with teeny tiny hints like just going to take a shower or changing the dress. If she is comfortable, then you can move to the next trail.

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Use emoticons and marks:

Use emoticons which will make you look as if you are just joking and will make it even more interactive.

Use exclamations and full stops which will give her a satisfactory opinion on you.

Use proper English:

If you don’t know proper English, then talk to her in the language in which you are comfortable. Just make sure that she is also comfortable with the language you are going to use.

How To Text A Girl You Don’t Know

How-To-Text-A-Girl-You-Like-First-Time How To Text A Girl You Like


Words are kind. The voice is impressive, but an image or video will be useful, interesting and attractive. If she sends sup? Then you can post a picture of you working or playing with your pet or food. This can make her send her pics too.

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What Not To Do:

Don’t flirt too much and don’t flirt in every text. This might get you look desperate.

Don’t use too many emoticons this will make you look foolish and unschooled.

These are few helpful tips which will help you to text the girl you just met. Follow these above tips to get a girl, like you in the introductory texts itself. Once you start conversing nothing will stop her from getting close to you.