Signs you’re being taken for granted and what to do about it

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24 Signs you’re being taken for granted and what to do about it.


When a guy is newly in 😍 love with you, there’s nothing he won’t do to get your attention. He positions himself around you and he’s always at your beck and call, aside that the out pour of love text messages, calls and gifts come in handy. He’ll text you all the time, tell you how beautiful you are, and always give you that look that can send your doubts fleeing at a glance. And then you get this feeling that you are the most valuable person on 🌍 earth.
Nothing can stand the guts of a man when he’s truly in love. He swim across the ocean just to be with you. However, the downside 👇 is that after he realizes that he finally has you, that million miles journey that seemed like a footstep will then turn into a mission impossible. The texts that previously came like a flood now comes in drops, the calls diminishes and you begin to wonder what went wrong. He subtly console yourself knowing that he’s already yours until you came across this blog trying to find out:

Signs you’re being taken for granted and what you should do about it.

Relationship being taken for granted, what to do

Noticeably if he:

1. Pays too much attention on his looks and appearance and doesn’t put you in the picture.

2. Always out with of reach or too busy to talk his resting/free hours.

3. Stays away from social media or becoming overly glued to social media excessively.

4. Doesn’t share his daily routines or activities with you anymore.

5. Won’t want to associate with you in public.

6. Goes clueless whenever you are trying to interact with him.

7. Enjoys watching TV 📺 alone and wouldn’t mind you.

8. Shows you no attention but he’s constantly hanging out with his friends.

9. Gets drunk occasionally.

10. Reduces the amount of time he spends with you.

11. Stops sending you gifts.

12. Doesn’t send you sweet romantic texts like he used to.

13. Fails to reply your text messages.

14. Doesn’t pay attention when you are communicating with him.

15. Shows little or no interests and lack zeal with things that concerns you.

16. Wouldn’t introduce you to others as his girlfriend.

17. Keeping suspicious privacy with password protection in his mobile phones.

18. Finds the little behaviors he once thought were cute totally irritating.

19. Shows no emotions, remorse and forbearance towards situations that requires attention.

20. Takes decision drastically without considering the consequences of his actions.

21. Doesn’t show expression of praise or admiration towards you.
22. Asks for impossible favours from you.

23. Hides social media posts, profiles and comments your are tagged on.

24. Doesn’t call you by the pet names he used to.

Men change rapidly because that natural instinct to acquire, possess and conquer is never satisfied. When they’re out to get you, they will never stop at anything unless its accomplished; once the chase is over, they quickly forget the entire chase process and begin another daunting task in their interests.

What You Should Do if you noticed being taken for granted

Men want self-sufficient, secure, confident women.

Men want women who will have a desire and charisma to possess them rather than out of hopelessness and pity— as a woman you have to make men want to stick around, the longer the better until you get what you want. You can chose to take the relationship to the next level. Instead of giving in to every beck and call of their demands you must try to be reserved and do not give men any slight impression that you come easy or cheap. Men want their partners to have a separate identity instead of being under their cover. Men loves women who are self reliant, independent, and have their own aura.
You can try

Not reaching out to him too often.

Stay within your the confines of other positive people who want the best of you.

Develop more of yourself, your skills and your potentials. Spend more time with yourself and work towards being a better you.

Identify the areas were you think you might have erred, learn more about your weak points, keep your head high and don’t trade your pride for anything, and position your self for a better relationship. Positioning means attracting the right kind of person in the the right places at the the right time!

Good luck and please let us know how your experiences were. We’d be glad to share it with you. We wish you all the best in your relationships.

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