Revealed: The super easy steps for attracting the right man to your life

attracting the right man to your life

Revealed: The super easy steps for attracting the right man to your life

Are there any direct approach to attract a life partner?

Ask what leaders ask successful couples, ask counselors, ask people who have gone far in marriage. They will tell you that there are characters that you need to project before you can attract the man of your life. It is wrong to a brick and mortal list of do’s and don’ts. The right approach is to be the right person and do the right things. You attract people into into your life by your traits. Traits turn into your character, character into habits and habits attract people.

Theses steps should not be followed practically but instead be viewed as a principle irregardless of the order you apply.

Principle 1 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Change for no man, change only because of you.

In order to attract the right kind of man for marriage, you must know who you are. You must understand what you want and you must be who you are. If you decide to change that means you be selling yourself short. You will not be pleased with the kind of person you are going to turn to in return for attracting a man. The most important rule I believe is being who you are. The person that is coming to see you and to love you for who you will love you for being who you are. Not being some one else.

Principle 2 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Be no one else but yourself.

By being who you are, you need to possess certain characters, certain traits and certain behavioral patterns. This speaks volume of who you are and also pattern your behavior, your thinking and your process pattern into that which is going to be accepted by the men you wish to attract into your life.

As we get down to the numbers remember this list is not just a -quick to do schedule for you. It is actually a cut pattern, tailored for you to follow in order for you to be able to program yourself into being the right kind of person that will attract the right man.

Principle 3 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Become the kind of person you want to attract.

The rule is to become the same kind that you want to attract. You cannot give what you don’t have.

For you to get what you don’t have you have to become what you want to possess. In doing this you have to check thoroughly within yourself and find out if there are anything about yourself that you don’t like. Imagine somebody marrying the bad you? You have to spell it out, you have to know it and you have to work on it. The clue to becoming the kind of person you want to attract are:

Finding out the potential traits, characteristics, strengths and knowledge of your new identity.

and finally measure up in being that kind of person.

Thus If you want a loving husband you should be a loving wife and before that you have to be a loving person. If you’re not happy with yourself being who you are, why do you think someone else would be happy with you and with your old character? I mean to make you understand that it’s all in you the and not make you feel bad about yourself. It becomes easy if you form that image it in your mind. Become the kind of person you want to attract.

Principle 4 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Identify the unwanted people in your life and keep them at away.

Grow yourself to the point where you love yourself first. When you are irresistible to yourself then you become irresistible to the other person you want to attract. Do not cheat yourself by thinking that you have little or no choice. All the choice is yours to make now. Weed out all the unwanted persons in your life. If you find out that any person is not suitable or is just not qualified in anyway in being the kind of person you want to surround around yourself you just have to let them go.

By letting them go you spell it out to yourself and to others that the decision is yours to make. It also help you build self confidence and find turn-a round options to develop new potentials and power.

You should also avoid getting by negative opinion. Other people’s opinion and perspectives about you and your objectives in life should not matter if they cannot make you become a better person.

Principle 5 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Be among positive people and stay positive.


I guarantee that you do not need people in your life that will not celebrate you. People that will pull you down, people that cannot be positive, people that will not make impact into your life are weeds – you don’t need them. If you want to attract a positive mind you have to be positive. For you to attract a motivating person in your life, you need to be a motivator. For you to attract a good man into your life you need to be a good woman. If you must attract a die-hard, never-give-up man into your life you need to be a die-hard and never-give-up person because. These are the people that will pilot you. These are the people that will push you. The one person they’ll finally become your husband is among these people that you finally attract. In so doing you just succeeded in sending the right message that you want to be trustworthy, you want people to trust you and so therefore you don’t need people that are not trustworthy in your life.

If you do this you just succeeded in becoming a victor.

Principle 6 (In attracting the right man to your life)

There’s a second chance in making first good impression.

In attracting the right kind of money into your life you need to appear your best. Keep your best foot forward in your appearance, in your approach, in the way you talk and with your manners. Appearance does not mean changing your looks through make up (most men do not like that). Your humility should speak volume. Let your charisma do the talking. Do not be in a hurry to talk. Always listen first and be polite.

You attract the wrong kind of men by putting on certain kind of clothes. Half naked clothes do not tell good if you want to attract decent people.

Principle 7 (In attracting the right man to your life)

There’s a second chance in making first good impression.

In attracting the right kind of man into your life you need to be approachable. You just have to be flexible in your with your facial expression and on the way it seems to approach you. Don’t put on the kind of look that sends people running to their heels. Do not wear that kind of looks that make people get scared of approaching you. You need to smile, you need to be your best and at ease with yourself all the time. Your charm should say something before your rigid face sends out the wrong message. Come on, put a smile on that face.

Principle 8 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Do not use the “GHODT” – Get Him Or Due Trying approach.

Please note this it is very important:

Your agenda to attracting the right kind of man into your life must not be a do or die thing. You have to try by all possible means to resist the get him or die trying attitude. It is not good, it is going to ruin the judgments that is passed to you. It is going to impact negatively on the way people see you. It is going to send a in the negative feedback, a negative message to the people in and around your life. If you use the get him or die trying approach, I’m so sorry you will only succeed in taking people out of your life.

Principle 9 (In attracting the right man to your life)

Never be in a hurry and understand that time make things come to pass.

Before you can attract the right man into your life you must settle down and take some time to clarify the things you want in a husband. You should know what you actually want in your husband. In later times there are going to be so many people around your life that you have to really know invariably what you want in a man.

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