Romantic love message for husband and wife

love message husband wife

Romantic love message for husband and wife

I must admit -sending love message husband wife is super awesome. It goes to show how far the relationship is thriving and in more than just vows or marriage commitment. It sounds good thinking of spouse but it feels better sending a romantic love message. Genuine and heartfelt messages which really express your feelings will gladly make her smile. This could be any opportunity for you to say thank you for all they’ve done for you, thinking about where you started off, where you both are presently and the future ahead will further inspire you. Look through our collections as well and get one for inspiration.
A good spouse is hard to find, just like hidden treasure but my joy and my happiness is that I found you. You are my perfect peace. I would give everything to keep this union on course.

Loving you is like vision. I cant stop loving you because it gets dark and scary. Loosing you is like having no sight. I’ve come to love and trust you because you first loved and trusted me. People say love is blind but ours can see from the confidence and reliance we have on each other. Loving you mean my sight to me.

Like pilots to planes and captains to ships, love drove us to this destination. Remember the first time we met? We got this far because we trust in love. Act on love.

If I could hold you from here, kiss you from here and put my arms around you from here, I would. Together forever we were meant to be but this distance is killing. I wish I was there with you right now -let these words stay with you to hold you, guide you and confide you. I Love you beyond borders.


To tell you that I love you is sin but to show you that I love you is righteous. I <3 you. To stand by you one time is mean, to be with you through at all times is the deal. I’ll be there. These and many more -never expecting anything in return.


You are the Sky Full of Stars, You are my sunshine


It feels like I’m dreaming every time I realize that you are now mine, that’s when I look at you and smile knowing fully well that you are my dream come true.



I was sent down to earth because of you, so I can meet you and fulfill my destiny with you by my side. You give me strength when i’m weak and you brought joy into my life. If I ever live in another life to come, I will still find you to be my wife again.


Perfection may not be found in you because you were disguised to be perfect in my sight alone. You are perfect to me and that’s all that matters.


Before I met you I was alone and lost, you are God-sent to bring give a life of purpose and a happy home. Your morals and intellectual support has brought us where we are today. Thank you for turning my life around.


I will be there for you now till the end. All i ask is that you grow old with me and I promise to be your number one fan for life. You rock my world.


You are worth more than the biggest lottery prize. I didn’t get this far to be lucky I found you, I got this far because you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. You are my missing me.


I feel like I hit the jackpot, I have never been so sure of anything in all my life. You are just the very one for me.


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