Romance Love Messages

Sending romantic love messages is compared to tracking footprints headed towards healthy relationship.


Love first step begins with romantic love messages. Journey through relationship path with steps ahead using love and romantic message an unforgettable footprint.

We all desire to get and give attention in our every day living. Here are messages you can use freely to express love.

What really is Love? Well If you asked, Love is simply all compassion towards everything giving. For you to know this -feeling is involved. It can be aided by displaying emotions such as caring and sending fare well messages.

We have carefully drafted these messages to aid your thoughts and inspire you. This publication holds really romantic love messages to help you communicate your feelings in an exceptional way. Feel free to glance through.


No one can take your place in my heart
No hate will fill your space in my life
This must be true loving and Love alone
I forever do, I will always be the one for you

More than a million acres in one word wrapped up in four simple letters.
Four letters covering my whole heart.
I and YOU. Its big inbetween
i LOVE u



It amazes me, how you stood strong
Through thick and thin, you never left me
I can’t love you enough, in return for all you’ve done
You are the better halve of me.


I will love you forever
From here till the moon and back, from now till my last breath
And now till the end of time


No day passes by without thoughts of you hovering over my mind
Your are my morning, noon and night
Your thoughts makes me smile all through the night


You stood by my side in all season
I will give anything for this reason
I stand by my words Im not teasing


Remember the first time we met you brought out my best heart felt words, you brought out the best in me. I’m commited to do more because I love you. Like a dollar made a million, I learnt to love you not for silver or gold but you became my everything.


Through the wind and the cloud I send this text, to prove my will, my creed and stand the test. To you my Love I pledge my troth to be faithful, committed and love. I love you with all my heart.


Give me your Heart and I’ll give you mine
Show me your Love and I’ll show you mine
As you open this text I just sent you the keys to my heart.
Its your turn, send me yours


No one is like you, with you I’m a blessing. Stay and make me stronger, with you I can move mountains.
Its taking forever, I cant wait no longer to give you my loving, my hugging my trusting
You’re more than a Sister