Romantic love text: I gave you my all when I give you my LOVE.

romantic love messages

 How often do you send texts in your relationship?

Are you a romantic lover? If yes, how often do you text your wife, lover, boyfiriend or girlfriend. If you replied once, you are safe. Otherwise, that maybe the reason why you are reading this.

Its good to always keepthe communication in a relationship blooming. You may not have the time to call every now and then but texting comes in handy. You can bookmarkthis site to easily multiple dose of texting ideas for that blooming sweetheart.

Here’s the first on our list of Romantic love text to curate from.

“Hello my sunshine, Good morning! How else could I tell you that you the thought of you gives me the most breathtaking mornings every day?”

5 Engaging Romantic love text for a beautiful relationship

  1. I love how happy you make me feel, and every other many ways you express your love. I appreciate just how you say, ‘I Love You,’ and how you’re always there. I love you!
  2. another week, another month, another moment, another joy, another season, and another day too, certainly never want to ever spend any of these without you in it.
  3. You are to be blamed. You’re the only one with that beautiful beautiful smile,with a big heart and unshaken commitment. I couldn’t help but fell in love with you.
  4. Just sending a text to let u know how much I love you . Sure you’re having a splendid day!
  5. When you entered my life I came to the realize why it didn’t work out with your exes, because you were meant for me.

Romantic love messages for her

  • My life was just fine before you came on board. But now its freaking awesome.
  • You’re the PB to my J and the remedy to my caffeine. You are that Calvin to my Hobbes and those parmesan cheese to my macaroni.
  • You should cancel all engagements for today. Bcos I just can’t find a way to get you out from my head.
  • Any minute I head out from the house I wanna keep coming back squeezeing you like a bear and kissing you like a goldfish!

Long love text messages for him

The moment I first found you, I had no clue that you’d probably be the one I would want to hug goodnight, the only one I want to have late evening, lazy breakfasts with, the one I want to irritate and annoy the hell out of, the one I want to make my very own forever.

There actually was a piece of puzzle absent. When I found you, I was complete.

Would you like to know the reasons I love you? I’m weird. I disagree and argue and cuss. I make drama out of every little thing that gets wrong around me. You, on the contrary are calm. You reason and respect me. Moreover, you held me when I fell down. I reserve my comments.

My answer is ‘I love you’ not mainly because I do not have some thing else to say. I say it just so you’re confident you know that you’re the single-most important person in my life

Every morning, I wake up to something wonderful, simply because I wake up to loving you knowing you love me too.

When we are together, we are more amazing than all the over-all amazingness in this world, put together!

Passionate romantic love text messages to make her fall in love

Did you know what I did to get you. I loved you whole heartedly and bam! I got you. Come on,, there are over 6,873,438,431 persons in this world, and you choose ME! 🙂 I’m lucky I got you.

Today I was sad. Well then I got a text message from you. Now I am happy. It hadn’t been that simple! I don’t think that you understand how easily you help to make my sadness disappear for good.

I fell in love for you because of millions of little things you never realized you had been doing.

Most heart touching love messages thats truely romantic

Even though I only met you in the last 48 hrs, 47 minutes, and 12sec I simply can’t help myself. I miss you uncontrollable!

You are my most favorite mater piece of artwork 😉

Life makes sense only when I see you at the end of the day.

You are my most favourite (wanna ride-with, wanna have-lunch-with, wanna make-coffee-for, wanna build-a-home-with) person in the entire universe!

I do not have much to give you, I gave you my all when I give you my LOVE. Everything I do, I do for you.

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