First Birthday Wishes: One Year Old Baby

First Birthday Wishes Baby – Birthday Celebration for one year baby (Girl or Boy) is the cutest memorable gift to the child from the parents, the one-year-old birthday child notices nothing out of the whole birthday party but, the 1st birthday wishes to the cute baby from neighbors, and family members give more happiness to parents. Although, as the child grows up, for them, this special honor from the parents is one of the best birthday celebration ever in their whole life. Please, find the below top first birthday wishes for baby girl from parents to look out for in 2017.

Happy 1st birthday wishes, baby birthday wishes one year are the heartfelt greetings for one-year birthday baby from friends, elders, and all the family members.

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby4 First Birthday Wishes

However, the child cannot read birthday wishes from neighbors or friends; all those happy 1st birthday wishes, birthday messages for baby boy are directly proportional to baby parents.

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Cute Baby Birthday Wishes for One Year Old Baby is the first greeting card which is written with a lot of cute birthday messages; people encase love for the kid with some cute beautiful birthday messages.

Whether the one-year-old birthday wishes for kids are your nephew, son, daughter you’re your relative friend’s baby – Make your 1st birthday wishes filled with lots of love, cute words and thus your words to their parents and baby become best birthday celebration ever.

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby6 First Birthday Wishes

List of First Birthday Wishes – Greetings & Cards

Cute Baby First Birthday Messages – Here, are the lovely list of first-year birthday wishes or messages for cute babies. Let’s makes this happy birthday a memorable one.

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby7 First Birthday Wishes

  • Wow, you are so much cute, sure you will be grown up into a wonderful person as your parents are. Happy 1st Birthday Wishes Baby
  • Today, you made everyone more comfortable; I wish this happen daily with everyone in the world. Best Wishes for One Year Old.
  • Happy First Birthday Child – You cute smile, looks make us love more and we wish you all the success and bright future for you ahead.
  • You may not taste or remember the first birthday cake but, it will be the most loved gifts for your parent’s efforts to make it happen.
  • Best wishes, hugs, and kisses from my whole family for your very first birthday celebration and we hope you become truly one in a million hearts ahead.

Baby’s 1st Birthday Wishes to Parents

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby First Birthday Wishes

  • Although you cannot write a single letter for being so cute one-year-old baby, you have already carved your beautiful name in our hearts. Happy 1st Birthday  
  • Your innocent smile and looks taught and gave faith in life to be always good with a smile, and calm irrespective of troubles we face in life. Happy first birthday.
  • Hearty congratulations for completing very the first year of your birth, wish you great years ahead.
  • Never lose innocence on of you anytime, best wishes from me.
  • Have lots of fun, take plenty of photos and make this very first birthday as your most memorable one, happy birthday wishes for 1 year old baby girl.

First Birthday Wishes – Quotes and Messagesfirst-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby2 First Birthday Wishes

  • I have no perfect gifts for your very first birthday because you have already honored with most beautiful gifts – It’s your parents.
  • The way you crawl shows us that you will achieve all of the things in your life so early, quickly. Happy first birthday baby.
  • You have enough time to grow up and watch what’s happening in this world, till then be happy and make most all other proud. Birthday wishes for 1 year old baby.
  • Although you are weightless, you have managed us to attend your birthday celebration to spread unimaginable happiness into our lives. Happy Birthday, Wishes Baby.
  • You will be my supremacy queen forever, and the household functions for you as per your cute demands. Happy 1st Birthday Baby.

Baby’s 1st Birthday Wishes to Parents

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby8 First Birthday Wishes

  • You are so much honored to have wonderful parents and your parents are grateful to have an adorable baby.
  • You are so cute that you made me come so early to grab your attention. Happy 1st Birthday Baby.
  • I wish, you always be honored as a beauty pageant for being so beautiful baby in one year of your birth.
  • Enjoy this enviable birthday celebration for being a one-year-old baby, and we wish you would be happy thinking and seeing of your 1st birthday photos in your adult age.
  • Sometimes in life, we need to accept everything which turns everyone down but, I’m sure you will wipe all of those frowns and smiles like a king. Happy First Birthday Baby.

First Birthday Wishes for One Year Old

first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby5 First Birthday Wishes

  • Your parents made your birthday as a gift to cute birthday baby; we hope you give all of that happiness to your parents in your life. Happy First Birthday Little One.
  • Just forget about the latest gadgets in the market but, you are the most recent fascination to all your family members. Baby First Birthday Little One.
  • You must be the modern magician for all of us, because even if you break things, it looks funny for us, popping sounds sweet, and crying looks lovable.


first-birthday-wishes-one-year-old-baby1 First Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday wishes for 1 year old baby girl – You have been here on the earth and have completed so far Three Sixty Five Days (365), we hope you continue for life long. What have been observed about human and their relationship with you?

A heart fully, we are glad to be a part of your birthday celebration, the cake which you share with us is as sweet as you and memorable to all of us here.

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