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Very Short Inspiring Stories – When life pulls you back and drowns you in it. It’s then you get all the memories as a flashback and runs like a film roll in front of you. The more you keep drowning deep and deep the more clarity you get what you went through.


The dip in the deepest of the water makes your brain shut and gives you the strength to fight back and come out of it to take a gasp. In this way, we learn to grow bigger and be more humble towards our approach in future.

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Here is such incidence which happened years ago which will motivate you to be humble, kind and know where you come from. Keep you grounded no matter how far you go. Success is great, but kindness is greatest.

Morning-Motivational-Quotes Very Short Inspiring Stories

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Very Short Inspiring Stories – Inspirational Leadership Stories

At the peak of one of the great Indian actor- Dilip Kumar’s Career during 1950’s, he explained how he was once traveling by plane. The passenger next to him was elderly. Dressed in a simple shirt and pant, he appeared to be middle class but well educated. Other passengers kept glancing at him. But this gentleman seemed unconcerned. He read his newspaper, looked out of the window, and when tea came, he sipped it quietly. Trying to strike a conversation, I smiled. The man courteously smiled back and said hello. We got into conversation, and I brought the subject to a cinema and asked, “Do you watch films?” The man replied, “Oh, very few. I did see one many years ago.” I then mentioned that I worked in films myself. The man said, “Oh, that’s nice. What do you do?” I replied, “I am an actor.” The man nodded, “Oh, beautiful.” That was it. When we landed, I held out my hand and said, “It was good to travel with you. By the way, my name is Dilip Kumar.” The man shook my hand and smiled, “Thank you. I am J. R. D. Tata (Billionaire business person and Chairman of Tata Motors – He was given the French Legion of Fame and, in 1992, India’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna).”I learned, no matter how big you are, there is always someone bigger. Be humble. It costs nothing.” – Very Short Inspiring Stories

Morning-Motivational-Quotes Very Short Inspiring Stories

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Very Short Inspiring Stories – This incident is the perfect example of being kind and humble to anyone. Because all it takes is one small smile that can make your day and inspire you for rest of your life. If you feel inspired and motivated by this unusual form of gesture towards humanity. Please leave your comments here. Thank you.

Updated: March 2018

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