Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes: Looking for congratulatory wedding wishes? Then, your presence is most waited, here you can find a lot of people who search quotes to write on friend’s their marriage, gift ideas for friend’s marriage, and they also hustle to find wedding cards like what to write on wedding reception gifts cards, this is to impress both the bride and groom.

Worried about what to write on marriage gift card? There are lots of perfect wedding card for newly (soon to be) married couple. However, we are writing the best wedding congratulation messages that can inevitably create a positive wish for both bride and groom.

Are you trying to read articles on what to write on weddings wishes? Then, here, we are sharing wonderful wedding congratulatory messages for your friends, family and others.

wedding-wishes3 Wedding Wishes

In this post, you can read all the congratulation messages, quotes, gift ideas, for your friends and relatives with images.

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Wedding Etiquette: Based on the marriage (Small and Large) there exist some protocol to be followed for sending wedding wishes to the couple.

In actual, sending wedding cards or wedding wishes to friend’s or any newly married or engaged couple has become traditional and one of the modern cultures among youngsters.

What To Tell When Meeting Newly Married Couple – Congratulations Or Best Wishes?

wedding-wishes2 Wedding Wishes

If they are the newly married couple or soon to be a married couple then, it is better to avoid “Congratulations” and simply tell them “best wishes” by keeping a sweet smile on your face.

Wedding Wishes for Cousin

If you are attending your cousin marriage then, the best wedding wishes for the cousin and his wife is as follows.

  • The bond we have so far made us grow together as siblings that of what so called cousins also, we have a lot of memories to live life so happily. I’m so happy for you marrying the right person you dreaming so for! Happy married life, once again hearty congratulations to you for becoming our newest family members.
  • From my bottom of my heart, am feeling so much more comfortable seeing you by marrying the person you wished so far also, I am so much happy now that you have now become a complete person meeting the real soul of your life. Hearty congratulation to you!!

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Wedding Wishes for Friend

wedding-wishes Wedding Wishes

Marriage is the open announcement to the entire world on your indisputable fondness to your partner.

When it comes to marriage, there is a great saying “A good home starts by choosing perfect partner of life” thus, it is solemnized in a great formal procedure called marriage.

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Wedding Wishes for Sister

wedding-wishes1 Wedding Wishes

As per the beliefs of the people, the wedding celebration for sister or brother varies from section to section, country to country and the commitment people are showing is to tell the newlyweds to live life as husband and wife happily forever. So, marriage is the celebration of two hearts meeting as one.

  • After your marriage, we will miss you a lot; however, we are very proud to say that you are our caring elder sister.
  • Your dream comes true, live a life you pray so far, hearty congratulations sister for your married life.

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