TOP 90+ Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Wedding Wishes for Cousin – Wedding wishes for newlyweds is the best time to convey how much love and happiness you have for the both bride and groom. Wedding Wishes Cousin

The wedding day is the important calendar day not just for bride and groom, other than for all the relatives.

Marriage is an excellent bond to connect to heart, be an eyewitness for your friend’s marriage by sending wedding wishes.

In this post, you can send congratulations wedding wishes messages to a cousin who is getting married.           

Wedding Wishes Cousin with Images

wedding-wishes-cousin Wedding Wishes Cousin

Congratulations for newly married life, you have always been one of my inspirations, I wish you a very long life and happiness, love, and joy be with you both. Wedding Wishes Cousin

Formal Wedding Wishes

Dear friend, you have conquered lots of milestones in your career; apart from all, wedding is one such beautiful milestone for both bride and groom life. Hearty congratulations to you both.

As we are cousins, we have enjoyed a lot as friends and as family members but, now you have grown up and married the person you loved so much, congratulations to you both for stepping into adulthood.

Casual Wedding Wishes

You stood by me in all my needs, and you are my best friend, my hearty congratulations to you for bringing a new member into our family. Our best wishes to you both are happier; peace be with you forever.

Marriage is a consecrated trust between two people. The two of you is now truly confined to one another, and it’s clear that you have found your one special someone. I am so proud of you, my cousin as you embark on this incredible new adventure!

Funny Wedding Wishes

Lots of times, I heard that marriage is a consecrated bond connecting to hearts. We are so much proud of you that finally, you are marrying the person you love, best wishes to you for starting a new life.

Hearty congratulations my dear cousin for stepping into a new life, you are my best motivator, and I have all the trust that you both will leave life so happily by loving each other. We love you so much.

Religious Wedding Wishes

You have always been with me for shedding tears, sharing happiness and supporting me. Now you are grown up, we family members are so much happy that you are stepping into amazing life with the right person. Hearty congratulations to you both.

We are very thankful to you for becoming our relative, and a real friend. Our best wishes to you both are blessed and keep smiling forever.

Wedding Wishes for a Family Member

With your new married life, we are so blessed to have new family member and a new friend. Hearty congratulations to you both live life happily and love each other.


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