Why men are scared of getting married. 10 obvious reasons from your buddy’s view point.

Why men are scared of getting married.

So many things comes to mind when the word marriage pass through the ears of men.
I tell you this as a man, it’s serious. The word marriage is enough to scare the living daylights light out of grown ass men. just bring it up in a topic and they begin to see you as an intruder. It puzzles women why such fully matured m human beings should fret as the word wedding points out. Today we unravel the mystery behind the short gun which takes men (or should I call them boys) to their heels. Brace yourself up for the encounter that will leave you wondering where in wedding 💒 bells 🔔 name is the guts in these guys.

It might have struck you unconsciously before, so in case you are wondering why men are scared of getting married and you never came up with concrete reasons now you’ve found more than 10 obvious pointers to the conspiracy theory.

Birds of same feathers flock together, here are what this bird has to say from experience flocking with other birds.

Reason 1.
They want to be FREE, free like a bird.

To most men getting married means loosing their freedom. Freedom to hang out, play games, be at any place at any time and so on.

“Men are created to be free and getting married means loosing most of the features that makes you a man.” -Marcus

“My buddies always hang around my house and it’s fun whenever they are around, the music is loud, eat out all the time and meet up at different spot. My girl always lag behind though she’s free with them all but I can’t imagine what would happen if I get married soon. I risk loosing all my friends because most of them are not married too.” -Anonymous.

They all share the same story and most likely the same fate -they end up getting married late (early 30s to early 40s). The greater fear is that they feel their wife would sharing equal rights as to the running of the home and they need some time to be the boss before finally committing to marital vows.

2. Burden of Dependence

A rule of thumb being a man is that you pilot your affairs. You chose when to go for check up, hit the gym even meals come in handy -order pizza for dinner. Most men can’t phantom the idea of getting married because they see it as a pain to take the responsibility of caring and providing for the family (time, effort, money and all). Chores of raising children, running a home and looking out for the entire pack is synonymous to getting married so they view the excerpt first and conclude unconsciously that it’s a road too tedious to take and they’d rather wait until they make $xxx,xxx per annum. This is one very big burden most unmarried men face.

3. Fear of loosing ownership and possession

Men are scared to their toes when it comes to placing a demand on their possessions. If vows can make two to become one that makes whatever that is yours now is ours. Body, worldly goods and belongings. This subject is crucial because they feel their earnings and remuneration will be under

This is another argument cited as to why are men afraid of marriage. Once he marries, his vocabulary will change; ‘my pay-check’ becomes ‘our income.’ ‘My house’ becomes ‘our house.’ And the possible connotations of that cause resentment one way or another. Of course, women hand in pay-checks too, and may be co-owners of a house, but when most guys are looking into the future, they think out their lives like they saw their parents live. And obviously, most guys do not love sharing their dearest personal possessions, which they invariably have to do once they marry. The thought of splitting their prized possessions with a woman is enough to scare a grown-up man to the bone.

4. Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? The Additional Responsibilities

It is a point that broadly covers everything from children to household chores, things a boyfriend doesn’t have to worry about. Marriage is going to bring the additional burden of this work which causes the man to have less time which he would otherwise spend doing the things he loves doing. Being married has its own perks though, but the thought of losing oneself in the plethora of marital responsibilities is what scares many men. Heck, it’s the one reason why are men afraid of marriage and commitment as well as why women are too.

5. Probable Strain On Finances

Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? – Probable Strain On Finances

Financially, why are men afraid of marriage has a bunch of reasons, from the cost of the actual event, to every assumed slight. In modern era, this is less likely to occur since both men and women earn equally. But in some cases, this archaic mindset persists with some men who are concerned about increased expenses due to an additional person joining the household. Again, something that a boyfriend wont have to deal with. Also, most men have concerns about taking instructions and advice from another person about the way they should spend their money. It adds to the ‘what if I’m not enough’ mindset. Overall, this causes them to develop a certain unease about marriage.

6. Less Time For BFFs

Another factor why are men afraid of marriage. Getting married means having less time for those weekend getaways with his best friends. The thought of forgoing meeting one’s best friends regularly, and not being able to do the stuff he used to do with them, the assumption of a woflpack dreams lost, no quality time take care of the bonds with his male friends, makes most men quiver, leading them to shun the idea of wedding.

7. Having A Lacklustre Sex Life

Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? – Having A Lacklustre Sex Life

Why are men afraid of marriage? Well, it is quite likely you would have read or heard numerous married men complain about their boring sex lives, in movies, on TV, in subliminal messages in various places. Many older men, married for years, are often seen doling out advice to young single guys twnety years their juniors, about having fun as long as they single, because “once you get married…”. The sentence is never completed, but once married, the sex life gets dull, is the assumption from father figure types. This does not necessarily mean that married people have a dull sex life. It depends on the couple. And men are not fickle-minded by default, generally, nor do they want to keep having sex forever and ever with everyone. it is just that they like to have their ‘options’ open all the time, as part of the control factor. Marriage brings an end to the freedom and possibility of looking elsewhere. While it is not a thought that will make them totally fear marriage, it is something that will dim their interest in wedlock.

8. End Of Romance

Guys like romance too. As a boyfriend they love taking their girlfriends out, spending some quality time on weekends, and all the ‘chemistry’ of that and the attention their girlfriends give them. With marriage, that ‘girlfriend’ becomes a ‘wife,’ and there is a high probability that she will no longer be that ‘girl’ that he once dated since her priorities may change. He’s seen his mom, so he expects she’ll become like that, serious and motherly. Motherhood is going to bring a serious changes in her, and his thought process follows that she may transform into that generic cranky wife, which no man desires. Phobias are not rational, but that’s why are men afraid of marriage, and the fear and hype just gets worse.

9. Poor Perception Of Wives

Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? – Poor Perception Of Wives

Perception is a key factor on why are men afraid of marriage. There is a high probability that you would come across at least one crass joke targeting the ‘nagging’ wives every few hours. The growing advent of social media has led to a cultivation of a distorted image of marriage stemming from the point that wives can be annoying. No human is perfect and no marriage is perfect. Marriage may have its lows, but it also has its high points, which no amount of independence can help you achieve. But most men tend to focus on the negative aspects of it, and develop an inaccurate image of having a lady as a life partner. Eventually, the man loses interest in marriage, and as time passes, he becomes afraid of it.

10. Expensive Divorce

No man wishes for a failing marriage, and therefore no man or woman plans for it, in the beginning. But he’ll still calculate the risks. Although modern married couples don’t worry about a divorce (let alone think of it), it is still something that scares some kinds of men in some age groups. Divorce is an expensive settlement for them, and added to a lack of knowledge of why alimony and compensation is given, many men who already have a pessimistic opinion about marriage tend to be afraid about this. This leads them to steer away from marriage completely.

11. Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? The Change In Life

Why Are Men Afraid Of Marriage? – The Change In Life

Marriage brings a change, a husband is a big stepup from a boyfriend. This means transforming from your original self into something new. While it is okay for some, some men fear losing their old habits, viewing these as their original self. No man likes to be told he’s not enough, so his ‘phobia’ takes him down a dark mindset. He’s worried he’ll change into a dull espoused man with zero excitement in life with the burden of wife and children, sometimes, like his dad. Most married men and women would agree that this is not true but many men still have a mirage nightmare image of marriage. The fear of change triggered by matrimony causes them to shudder leading them to develop an inferior opinion about marriage.

12. The Uncertain Future

When single, most men have a pristine mirage-vision of their future as to where their life is going and what they seek from it. It’s a somewhat grand single lifestyle idealization. It’s only a dream, but a lovely enticing one, that captivates them and takes hold. After making a commitment, the answer to all questions becomes serious, and they see the idealization as obscure as the dream was, and that is not a nice thought. Most men tend to feel that they are losing control over their lives, when they think of that, and feel they’re headed towards an unsatisfactory future, eventually making them chicken out.

So there you go, 12 arguments why men are afraid of marriage. They may seem odd, but you need to understand that like all phobias, these are conditioned responses. The guy underneath all that conditioning could be a genuinely good soul. If you are a guy reading this, then it is time to tackle those fears in case you are in a stable relationship. For all those ladies out there, have patience. Eventually, he will propose. After all, his life will be all boring (and incomplete) without you!

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